Water Day: Soul of the Earth

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Water is the most important part of our life, and it is needed for our living. In Bengali community there is a proverb saying “Water is Life” and if we think about it, it is actually true as people need fresh water for their daily activities, the earth is surrounded by water that to saltwater. 71% of the earth’s surrounding is covered with salt water which cannot be consumed by the humans. Water is a vital resource in our lives but to realise that most of the people are deprived of the luxury of having fresh water is haunting. World Water Day is celebrated on 22nd March every year in order to make people understand the importance of fresh water.


The idea was proposed at the Rio de Janeiro United Nation Conference on Environmental and Development in the year 1992. On 22nd December 1992 the proposal was first adopted by the United Nation General Assembly, after which 22nd March was declared as World water Day. In the year 1993 this day was first celebrated on 22nd March and is being celebrated ever since.


The significance of this event is that the UN seeks to make people understand across the planet the importance of freshwater, along with the water crises that people are facing because of the rapid growth of population, unequal geographical distribution of freshwater, climate change, urbanization, impact of global warming, water used by the industries for the manufacture process and agricultural process. They also focused on the need for water conservation and sustainable use.

In 2015, the United Nation General Assembly (UNGA) set up a Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) in which the World Water day is a part, where 17 global goals that the UNGA planned were to achieve by the year 2030 to create a better future for the humanity across economic, social and environmental spheres and promote world peace.

Theme and Celebration of World Water Day 2021

The theme for this year’s world water day is “Valuing Water”. This theme has been chosen to highlight the value of water in our daily lives as water has a massive value for the households, foods, wellbeing, economics and the integrity if our natural environment. This year the celebration of the World Water day 2021 will be virtual because of the pandemic and the United Nation Development report will be released with the intention of recommending policies to various countries on how to deal with water crisis.

Source: The CSR Journal

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is said to launch the “Jai Shakti Abhiyan: Catch the Rain Campaign during a video conference in which a letter of agreement (MOA) will be signed by the Jay Shakti minister and the government  of Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Prafesh. The Ken-Betwa project is the first river- linking project in India which aims to carry water from surplus area to water scarce area by interlinking rivers.

How to Preserve Water

Drinking water crisis is a big problem and steps should be taken to preserve it. Some simple steps to preserve water at home:

  • Take shower in 5 minutes or less
  • Collect rainwater
  • Install water saving toilet flushes
  • Turn of your tab while brushing your teeth
  • Don’t keep tap water running while washing clothes/ utensils
  • Use eco friendly washing machine
  • Close taps properly and fix leaking taps, pipes, and toilets.
  • Never throw leftover water in a glass or pot; it can be used to water plants.
  • Minimize the amount of time spent watering the garden.
  • Brooms or other tools should be used to clean gutters instead of the water hose.

The proverb “Water is Life” is true as all life stems from the water. By following these simple we will be able to save water and save our future as well.


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