Vidyarthi Bhavan Not Coming To Malleshwaram, News Turns Out To Be Hoax

After all the hype that it received last week, the legendary Dosa joint, which was meant to open in Malleswaram, turned out to be a mistake. The advertisement announcing the arrival of ‘Vidyarthi Bhavan’ in Malleswaram was actually a ‘play’ staged there.

Earlier, netizens were overjoyed to read that the well-known restaurant had announced the opening of a new location in Malleswaram. People had shared their sentiments through a sequence of Tweets.

The announcement, however, turned out to be a fabrication. The banner announcing Vidyarthi Bhavan’s visit to Malleswaram was for a play currently being staged at “Choudaiah Memorial Hall.”

After arriving at the destination, a disgruntled Twitter user posted the information. “They advertized that Vidyarthi Bhavan is coming to Malleshwara.. Everyone was excited about the hotel. Later we came to know that “Vidyarthi Bhavan” is the name of a play which is being performed in Choudaiah memorial hall,” he remarked afterwards.


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