UN Human Right Council to investigate Russia for its war

On Friday, the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) overwhelmingly voted to create a high-level commission that would investigate the human rights violations committed by Russia. The committee would investigate Russia following its invasion of Ukraine.

India, along with 13 other countries, including China, Pakistan, Sudan, and Venezuela, abstained during the voting process. 32 countries had voted in favour of the resolution while 2 countries, Russia and Eritrea, voted against it. The United States, France, Germany, the United Kingdom, Nepal, the United Arab Emirates, and Japan were among the countries that voted in favour of the resolution.

Because of Russia’s aggression against Ukraine, the council had tweeted that a high-level independent international commission of inquiry would be established as soon as possible.



During the Urgent Debate on Thursday, India argued that the situation in Ukraine was concerning and the humanitarian situation in Ukraine was worsening. India further called to end hostilities among both the nations and cessation of violence. India advocated for dialogue and diplomacy to resolve the issue.

The commission will identify and investigate those individuals and entities who were responsible for violations or abuses of human rights. The commission would also investigate any violations of international humanitarian law or any other related crime conducted in Ukraine. This was done to hold the culprits accountable.

India has abstained on two resolutions on Ukraine in the 15-nation Security Council and one resolution in the United Nations General Assembly in the last week. Although India had abstained, the UN General Assembly had overwhelmingly voted to condemn Russia this week. The UNGA also demanded that Russia withdraw all of its troops from Ukrainian territory immediately and unconditionally.

References: The Tribune and the Indian Express.

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