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Titan Submersible Sinking: Explained | Titanic | OceanGate

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OceanGate’s Titan submersible, carrying a crew on an expedition to the Titanic’s ruins, was reported overdue on the evening of Sunday, June 18. The intended destination was the wreckage site of the Titanic, located approximately 435 miles off the Canadian coast. Following an extensive and highly intricate search and recovery operation, the US Coast Guard provided an update on Thursday evening (UK time), revealing that debris from the submersible had been located near the hull of the historic shipwreck. The discovered debris was described as indicative of a potential catastrophic loss of the pressure chamber within the submersible.

Among the individuals on board the ill-fated journey were OceanGate’s CEO, along with renowned figures in exploration and business. British billionaire explorer and businessman, Hamish Harding, was among those present. Additionally, well-known French ocean explorer Paul-Henri Nargeolet was part of the crew, bringing his wealth of experience to the expedition. Another member was Shahzada Dawood, a British-based Pakistani businessman recognized as one of Pakistan’s wealthiest individuals, accompanied by his 19-year-old son.

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Titan Submersible

Source: Mint

The Titan submersible, originally engineered to accommodate a maximum of five individuals and capable of descending to depths of 4,000 meters beneath the ocean’s surface, has been discovered resting on the ocean floor. This disheartening revelation seemingly extinguishes any remaining optimism of locating its crew members alive. The submersible was equipped with an advanced life-support mechanism designed to sustain a group of five individuals for a span of 96 hours. Its deployment involved launching from a compact platform and maneuvering through the depths utilizing a video-game controller

During the Titan’s journey, there was a leak when it went very deep into the ocean, where there was an enormous amount of water above it, weighing as much as the Eiffel Tower, which is tens of thousands of tonnes. As a result, the structure of the Titan ruptured, causing the external pressure to compress the vessel and break it apart. The ongoing discussion about OceanGate’s decision raises concerns about the importance of certification in ensuring the safety and integrity of vessels. The potential risks associated with exempting a vessel from certification highlight the need for continuous evaluation and reevaluation of existing assessment methods, finding a balance between fostering innovation and upholding strict standards in the maritime industry

Some Facts You Need To Know: 

Titan Submersible

Source: Onmanorama

  • OceanGate proudly hailed the Titan as the world’s most advanced and agile manned   submersible, boasting a cutting-edge design constructed with lightweight materials such as carbon fiber and titanium.
  • OceanGate says Titan has a life-support system that can keep five people alive for up to 96 hours 
  • Titan offered ample space to accommodate additional monitoring, inspection, and data collection equipment, underscoring its versatility. Passengers generally sit on the floor, leaning their backs against a curved wall. There is a rudimentary toilet aboard
  • OceanGate says it is equipped with powerful LED lights, a sonar navigation system and high-end camera equipment.
  • A journalist who traveled on Titan last year had to sign a liability waiver describing the vessel as “experimental” and acknowledging a risk of injury or death.
  • Titan revealed its dimensions as 6.7 meters by 2.8 meters by 2.5 meters, with a weight of 11,340 kilograms. The submersible had the impressive capacity to carry a payload weighing up to 1,043 kilograms.

The investigation will delve into the procedures and protocols followed by the crew and maintenance team, seeking to determine the frequency, rigor, and effectiveness of inspections carried out on the Titan’s hull. By shedding light on the extent of these checks, the investigation aims to assess whether any potential cracks or weaknesses went undetected, ultimately contributing to the submersible’s deterioration and compromising the safety of its crew during subsequent dives.



Refugee tragedy in the Mediterranean overshadowed by Titanic Submersible.

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