Times When Mumbai Police Won Our Hearts

Mumbai Police is not only keeping Mumbai’s streets safe but also winning citizens’ hearts by posting witty yet amusing responses on social media platforms. There have been several instances where Mumbai police gave their dose of witty replies to troll questions and have won our hearts.

Here are the top five instances where they won our hearts,

  • Promoting online safety through memes

The Mumbai police are concerned not only with the physical safety of citizens but also with their online safety. Mumbai police used a meme to educate citizens about the importance of having a strong password for online security and staying safe from hacking.

The tweet surely won our hearts!

  • “Guest to our bars”

Sanjay Raut stated that wine was not alcoholic when the Maharashtra government decided to allow it to be sold in grocery stores and walk-in stores. Mr Raut went on to say that selling wine in stores would double the income and that the BJP was simply opposing and doing nothing.

Soon a Twitter user quote Tweeted Sanjay Raut’s words and tagged Mumbai Police. In his Tweet, he says “So if I drink wine and drive, will Mumbai Police put me behind bars or show me the nearest bar?”

This was Mumbai Police’s witty response,

  • The time during the lockdown

When the country was still going through a lockdown a Twitter user responded to the Mumbai police commissioner’s tweet. In the tweet, the user asked Mumbai police if he could go outside as his name is Sunny.

Mumbai Police was quick to give a response to his tweet


  • Asking Mumbaikars to practice Covid guidelines

In 2021, Mumbai police urged the citizens to stay indoors owing to the pandemic. They used witty black-and-white posters of Rajesh Khanna, Amitabh Bachchan and Kajol to deliver the message.

Here is one of their messages


  • Anti-smoking campaign

On No Smoking Day, Mumbai police took to Twitter to urge citizens to quit smoking. They impressed everyone with their clever tweet.


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Featured image source: News 18

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