The one skill that EVERYONE must know

I have a forefeeling that most of you who clicked on the link to this article have done so with a genuine thirst and curiosity to know what this specific skill is. Many of you, I’m assuming, are young, anxious about your future and are probably trying to do your best to become a skillful individual. Or maybe you don’t fit into any of those categories and are just an avid reader of NewsHamster. In which case firstly, thank you! And secondly, there’s something here for you too, so keep reading amigo!

Ahh yes, coming to the point without any further delay. Behold! I now reveal to you the skill that everyone, absolutely EVERYONE, must know; Communication Skills. If you were expecting something complex, you must be feeling disappointed right about now. But this is a basic skill that is quite often than not, completely ignored. I won’t dive into how the Indian education system with its many flaws is the main perpetrator behind this ruckus (Surprise, Surprise!). But there is absolutely no doubt that many young talented men and women today are devoid of employment only because they can’t communicate well.

Times have changed, we no longer live in a world where just being able to “do something” gets you a job. Especially post-COVID, it has become apparent that if you don’t keep pace with things then you’ll be replaced. On the other hand, with growing technology and artificial intelligence taking over the commercial space, there will be fewer things that will be left in human hands. And that’s where excellent communication skills can make a difference. By communication skills I’m referring to the golden trio of reading, writing and speaking.

There are various reasons why one must at least have the basic knowledge of these. Beginning with the fact that these mediums allow you to have access to various other resources, be it information or people. Though most of us have heard our elders say these things, there are rarely times when we are explained and systematically taught about them. Good communication skills are essentially the foundation of good social skills. Without them survival in the real world is tough, let alone the chances of thriving and growing.

As “old school” as it sounds, there is something very appealing about the people who have mastered all three of them. Differences of opinions and ideas they might have, yes, but certain traits they all have in common. These include, clarity of mind, shrewdness of speech, astonishing articulation, organized thought process and most importantly, the ability to influence people. What one might also notice is that people who communicate better also tend to be taken more seriously. Meaning, it is not only important to know your subject matter but also to be able to speak about it in a proper manner. And that isn’t the end of it, in fact that is only the start.

The next step is to try and study situations, body language, tone, etc., and to be able to respond appropriately. Here things can get tricky and I understand that; especially, if you are introverted, shy or just don’t consider yourself as “street smart”. The key, I’ve noticed, is to take time, be forgiving towards yourself when you think you messed up and keep practicing.

In addition to this, try and find conversationalists that you admire. There are many out there but you’ll be drawn to a certain few. Try and ask yourself, ‘What about them do I like and Why?’. Could be their wit, charm or maybe even their convictions that you admire. Try and see if you can channel your beliefs in a similar way. Mind you, there is absolutely no need to ditch your unique personality to be “cool”. Keep reading, writing and talking; you’ll soon find many things that you like whilst remaining authentic. Overtime, communicating well would become a habit of yours. You’ll not only be skillful at articulation but be a person of impact.

These were just a few ideas that may help you in developing your communication skills. The main motive is to let you know just how important good communication skills are. Whether or not you choose to put these suggestions into practice, I want to leave you with this one thought; In a world where wars break out in the battleground of ideas, are your words ready for combat? For a pen maybe mightier than a sword but he who knows not how to use it stands defeated.

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Revathy Ramchandran

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