The ‘Mahaan’ teaser – Key Takeways

The official teaser of ‘Mahaan’ by Karthik Subbaraj  dropped on the 31st of January. The Vikram – starrer promises yet another action packed drama by Subbaraj, whose last online release ‘Jagame Thandhiram’ was a  massive success.

Here are the key highlights from the ‘Mahaan’ teaser.

  1. The plot – The teaser gives away very little of the plot. However, it is apparent that it will revolve around the concept of the protagonist’s character development. The story is a classic rich to rags plot, with the ‘hero’ leading the pack.
  1. Santosh Narayan Musical – Fewer music directors in India can make a more apt gangster flick musical than Santosh Narayan. ‘Jagame Thandhiram’ music hit the top charts around the world, ‘Mahaan’ promises nothing less than that.
  1. Vikram as a gangster – Chiyaan Vikram in a Karthik Subbaraj lead is a treat to all moviegoers. The director loves his male lead, be it Kaali, Suruli or Mahaan. It will be expected from an actor of Vikram’s calibre to do justice to a larger-than-life role as this.
  1. The Gandhi Principle – Vikram is playing a character named ‘Gandhi Mahaan’. Besides, the Gandhi reference is explicitly voiced out on several occasions in the two minute teaser. Interestingly, the character, who although named after M.K. Gandhi is far from being a Gandhian. The stark character contrast is the major attraction

‘Mahaan’ premiers on the 10th of February on Amazon Prime Video.

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