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IISc Bangalore: Efforts To Prevent Teesta Setalvad’s Address On Communal Harmony

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Teesta Setalvad, a well-known person who works for people’s rights, was involved in an incident at the respected Indian Institute of Science (IISc) in Bangalore. Setalvad was supposed to give a talk about “Communal Harmony and Justice,” which was planned by a group of students at the institute. However, just a few hours before the talk was supposed to happen at 5 pm, there was a problem.


Source: Outlook India


Initially, the security personnel stationed at the institute’s entrance barred Setalvad from entering, persisting in their denial until faculty members intervened and pressed for her admittance, recounted the faculty source.

Despite the prearranged intention for Setalvad’s discourse to take place within an auditorium, the circumstances led her to address the audience outside a campus canteen. This move clearly showed an effort to stop the event from happening, even though the student group had worked hard and got permission for the talk ahead of time, as shared by an attending faculty member. The situation also revealed that individuals external to IISc were notably prevented from participating in the event, casting a shadow on the event’s openness and inclusivity.


The talk was not allowed to take place, but the teachers at the institute quickly stepped in to make sure that the talk could still happen. They wanted to make sure that people could share ideas and talk together, which is a big part of learning.

Approximately 40 students, joined by four faculty members, actively engaged in the talk, which commenced at approximately 5:45 pm and extended into the evening until around 8 pm. One of the faculty members, preferring to remain anonymous, shared insights into the event’s discussions.


Source: BI

The discussion involved a diverse array of topics, showing how the riots have changed over time. It was focused on how some people see ideas like peace, science, and thinking logically as dangerous. The conversations also delved into the use of social media as a tool for spreading messages of animosity and division. Through this exchange of ideas, participants delved into the understanding between societal dynamics, technology, and the preservation of communal understanding.

The discussions held were on the fundamental right to express ourselves freely as granted by our Constitution,” remarked Parthanil Roy, a mathematician representing a different institution, who actively took part in the discourse. He further emphasized, “It’s vital for academic establishments to foster rather than hinder meaningful conversations.”


The student-led initiative, known as “Break the Silence”, conscientiously initiated contact with the IISc administration well in advance, seeking formal authorization for the scheduled talk. Unfortunately, even though they tried hard, the administration didn’t reply to their request sent a few days ago.

However, a disheartening development unfolded when a student received an unexpected call on Wednesday, delivering the dismaying news that the approved venue for the talk could not be upheld, as conveyed by the faculty source who wished to remain unnamed.

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