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Someone dropped Ferrero Rocher Manchurian

The Guardian
Image Source: The Guardian

One of the world’s most loved chocolate out there is Ferrero Rocher. Its rich and chocolaty flavour with a touch of nuts always has the power to calm one’s sweet tooth! However, when compared to other chocolates available on the market, these chocolates are rather elegant and expensive.

It would be blasphemy if it was consumed oddly. One such internet user certainly did. A Twitter user who goes by the username @udit_buch shared a picture of Ferrero Rocher manchurian on his feed. Netizens and his followers were undoubtedly aghast and were certainly disgusted.

No doubt even you would be disgusted by it, I certainly was. My first reaction to this dish was “yeh kya kar diya, kam se kam baghwan se daro”.  His followers were certainly not impressed and one of them said “Tumhe Garur Puran ke hisaab se saja milna chaiye”. While another said, “Arrey hadd hai”.

This is not the first time strange food combos have been devised. One time I saw a reel on Instagram where a roadside vendor was selling gulab jamun samosa, you can easily guess my reaction just by seeing the dish’s name! Another time I saw an ice cream maker making ice cream with masala dosa and vanilla ice cream. One time I saw a reel where instead of the spicy water, Fanta was used for pani puri. The list goes on and on, we have to keep our sanity otherwise such dishes would make us go mad!

Reference: Instagram and Free Press Journal.

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