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Russians face a new challenge in Ukraine: Wali the sniper


With the war between Ukraine and Russia becoming intense, Russian troops face a new challenge in Ukraine. The challenge is posed by Wali, an elite Canadian sniper who ranks as one of the most fearsome snipers in the world.
Wali has travelled from Canada to fight the Russians as a volunteer fighter in Ukraine.

According to various reports, Wali already killed 6 Russian soldiers as soon as he arrived on Wednesday as a part of the Canadian contingent. Wali has come to Ukraine as a part of the foreign volunteers who are fighting Russia on President Zelensky’s call.

The elite sniper who only goes by the name Wali has an excellent career as a soldier. Wali, meaning protector or guardian in Arabic, has been on several missions in Afghanistan, Syria and Iraq. He served twice in Afghanistan in 2009 and 2011 and earned the nickname when he started killing dozens of enemies with his sniper rifle.

Wali is from the 22nd Regiment of the Royal Canadian Army and was part of the elite JTF-2 unit. In 2017, he made the world record when he killed an ISIS terrorist from a distance of 3,540 meters or 3.4 kilometres. This is the longest distance that any sniper has ever hit a target.

Ukraine’s hopes have increased tremendously since Wali has arrived in the country. Although Russia has been bombing civilian areas across Ukraine, Wali’s arrival has reassured the people. While speaking with the reporters, Wali stated that he simply wanted to help the people of Ukraine. Moreover, he wishes to help them because Ukrainians are being bombarded just because they want to be Europeans and not Russians.

So, what makes him a dangerous sniper? Firstly, many great snipers do not advertise their actual names but rather their nicknames. Secondly, a good sniper can get 5-6 kills per day, while an elite sniper can get 7-10 kills per day. However, Wali can get 40 kills per day on a productive day! That is what makes him so dangerous and perhaps the Russians will have to revisit their strategy.

References: MSN

Featured image source: MARCA

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