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Recent Indian Films Which Addressed The Issues Of Jallikattu And Animal Safety

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Jallikattu, the age-old bull taming sport from Tamil Nadu, has been at the center of controversy and debate for years. As animal welfare associations voiced concerns and legal battles unfolded, the issue found resonance in Indian cinema. The Tamil film industry, in particular, has addressed the politics and cultural significance of Jallikattu through subtle commentary in various films. This article explores some notable movies that shed light on the subject while capturing the sentiments and mood of the masses.

Marina Puratchi

Censor board refers Marina Puratchi to revising committee | Tamil Movie  News - Times of India

Credits – Times Of India

In January 2017, Tamil Nadu witnessed massive protests in support of Jallikattu, with people and celebrities coming together to protect the tradition. Marina Puratchi, a film that documents the development leading to the allowance of the sport in the state, vividly captures the protests. Initially released in Canada and Norway, the film faced censorship challenges before finding a release in India. Marina Puratchi reflects the fervor and determination of the people who fought for the preservation of their cultural heritage.


Jallikattu Movie Review By Baradwaj Rangan | Film Companion

Credits – Film Companion

Jallikattu, a 2019 Malayalam film directed by Lijo Jose Pellissery, delves into the intense and chaotic world surrounding a runaway buffalo in a Kerala village. The pursuit of the buffalo by villagers, led by a butcher and a police officer, unravels a series of events that expose the raw instincts within individuals. Through its innovative cinematography and powerful performances, Jallikattu explores themes of human nature, power dynamics, and the blurred lines between civilization and savagery. The film received critical acclaim for its captivating portrayal of primal human instincts and the impact of societal structures.

Kaatrin Mozhi

While not primarily focused on Jallikattu, the documentary film Kaatrin Mozhi (2018) directed by Radha Mohan touches upon the subject. It raises thought-provoking questions about animal rights and the cultural significance of the sport. Kaatrin Mozhi highlights the broader debate surrounding Jallikattu, shedding light on its social, political, and ethical implications.

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