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Ramya’s Political Comeback | Mandya Constituency

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Actress Ramya, renowned for her charm in the Kannada film industry, once dipped her toes into the political arena, tasting success as a Lok Sabha member from the Congress. However, after a stint as the head of the All India Congress social network, she vanished from active politics, leaving many curious about her sudden departure. Now,Ramya is making a comeback, gearing up to contest the upcoming Lok Sabha elections from the Mandya constituency as a Congress candidate.

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Ramya, formerly part of Rahul Gandhi’s inner circle in the Congress, faced numerous controversies while serving as the head of the All India Congress social network. Despite the challenges, she skillfully navigated through them, earning recognition for her political acumen. However, her abrupt departure from the post left many speculating about the reasons behind her exit.

Following a brief hiatus, Ramya returned to her roots in the film industry, showcasing success not only as an actress but also as a producer. Unexpectedly, she has now reentered the political landscape, expressing her intention to contest from Mandya in the upcoming Lok Sabha elections. This decision comes after her earlier victory as an MP from Mandya, albeit for a short duration, and subsequent setbacks in later elections.

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Ramya’s political journey faced obstacles when the Congress-JDS alliance in Karnataka thwarted her plans to re-enter active politics. Undeterred, she took a backseat by supporting Nikhil Kumaraswamy, the son of the then Chief Minister. After participating in Congress activities for a while, she left the scene, leading many to believe she had bid farewell to politics for good.

Amidst the Congress’s search for a formidable candidate in the Mandya Lok Sabha constituency, Ramya’s unexpected reentry has garnered attention. Sources reveal that she has held talks with key leaders, including MLA Narendraswami Ravikumar Ganiga Uday Gowda and Minister Cheluvarayaswamy. The Congress, eyeing victory in at least twenty constituencies, initially considered Cheluvaraya Swamy as a candidate, but Ramya’s emergence has added a new dimension to the political calculations.

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Former Chief Minister SM Krishna’s daughter, Shambhavi, was also under consideration for the Mandya constituency. However, with Ramya’s surprise entry, the political landscape in Mandya has experienced a significant twist. The Congress, now faced with multiple potential candidates, is engaged in discussions and strategizing to field the strongest contender in the upcoming elections.

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