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The Rameshwaram Cafe: Lesser Known Facts About The Highest Earning QSR

Image Source Manuja @Twitter
Image Source: Manuja @Twitter

Rameshwaram Cafe, a landmark establishment known for serving a simple South Indian breakfast, is well known to residents of Bengaluru. The quick service restaurant (QSR) generates a staggering Rs 4.5 crore in sales in a single month and draws large crowds of customers in long lines. However, do you know some lesser-known facts about the cafe?

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Here are the top ten lesser-known facts about Rameshwaram Cafe!

  • Inspired By The Town:

The owners of Rameshwaram Cafe were drawn to Bengaluru by the tranquil town of Rameshwaram in Tamil Nadu, renowned for its rich cultural legacy and traditional food. The goal was to design a setting that expertly combines traditional and modern components while providing a distinctive and immersive dining experience.

Rameshwaram Cafe

Image Source: Amaze My Trip

  • The Furniture Reflects The Town:

Rameshwaram Cafe’s beautiful handcrafted art, brilliant colours, and traditional themes immediately transport visitors to the gorgeous surroundings of the southern coastal town.

Rameshwaram Cafe

Image Source: Business Today

  • Menu Is Drawn From Traditional Recipes:

Rameshwaram Cafe’s menu is a tasteful combination of traditional Tamil Nadu cuisine and contemporary culinary trends. Skilled chefs use historic recipes handed down through the years to produce each meal with the utmost care and authenticity.

Image Source Justdail

Image Source Justdail

  • 7,500 Bills Are Cut Everyday!

In a 10 by 10 or 10 by 15 square feet, the QSR cut 7,500 bills daily. They clock a business of Rs 4.5 crores in a month and Rs 50 crores in a year.

rameshwaram cafe

Image Source: News Hamster

  • Expanding Beyond Bengaluru:

Rameshwaram Cafe is striving to go beyond Bengaluru and is trying to open branches in Mumbai, Delhi, Pune, Chennai, Hyderabad and Ahmedabad in the next five years.

  • Started By An Engineer And A CA:

The founders of Rameshwaram Cafe, Mr Raghavendra Rao and Mrs Divya Raghvendra Rao, is a mechanical engineer and a CA, respectively. Mrs Divya has completed MBA in Finance and Management from IIMA. Mr Raghavendra is a former mechanical engineer graduate who has 20+ years of experience in the food industry.

rameshwaram cafe

Founders of The QSR
Image Source: Business Today

  • The Reason It Was Started:

They jointly founded “The Rameshwaram Cafe”, intending to bring authentic, unadulterated South Indian cuisines everywhere. Both founders have garnered numerous honours and awards for outstanding work in their respective industries.

  • Tribute To APJ Abdul Kalam:

The creators picked the name “Rameshwaram” in honour of Dr APJ Abdul Kalam since it was the location of his birth. It upholds the rich flavour of South India and its core values of authenticity. Dr APJ Abdul Kalam was the nation’s leader amidst the tumultuous clamour of outgoing leaders thanks to his perseverance, dedication, and traditional manners.

rameshwaram cafe

Image Source: Britannica

  • The Uncompromised Quality:

All of the restaurants serve food of the same high calibre and taste. It is a unique South Indian cafe with unmatched quality that serves customers from all socioeconomic groups and is open from 6.30 AM to 1 AM daily.

rameshwaram cafe

Image Source: Curious Keeda @Twitter

  • Popular For Its Idlis And Dosas:

The restaurant can maintain its high-quality standards because there is not much on the menu. The Ghee Podi Idlis, the Ghee Thatte Idlis, the Ghee Podi Masala Dosa, the Open Butter Masala Dosa, the Garlic Roast Dosa, the Akki Roti, the Gongura Rice, the Ven Pongal, the Vada, and the Ghee Sambar Button Idlis stand out. Finish dinner with a cup of traditional, comforting filter coffee.

rameshwaram cafe

Image Source: Whats Hot


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