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“Not Love Jihad, It’s Sex Jihad”: Hindu Vs Muslim Debate Takes A Bizarre New Turn

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As Karnataka battles the Hijab row and now a new debate regarding legislation surrounding Halal meat, a new comparison has been brought up in the Hindu Vs Muslim discussion, but now on the basis of sexual prowess and virility.

Chetna Devi, also known as Yati Maa Chetnanand Saraswati, is the leader of the Akhand Hindustan Morcha, which is centred in Meerut. According to Mihir Srivastava and Raul Irani’s book “Love Jihadis: An Open-Minded Journey into the Heart of Western Uttar Pradesh,” she was cited on multiple occasions as claiming that Muslims in this nation will outnumber Hindus because “they reproduce like pests”. Hindus will be hunted down and forced to flee their homeland by “majoritarian” Muslims, she says, because no other faith is allowed to exist in a nation dominated by Muslims.

However, it doesn’t stop there. Madhu Kishwar, an Indian academic and commentator who works as a chair Professor at the Indian Council of Social Science Research, decided to weigh in on the discussion by presenting the notion of “Sex Jihad” to the netizens. Obviously, the Twitterati has erupted into laughter and confusion about it.



  1. Gaurav Gaur

    April 2, 2022 at 12:16 am

    Don’t know about anything else, but Muslim majority nations don’t allow other faiths to exist and that’s a fact except for handful exceptions which you guys never emphasize on. And 80% Hindu majority nation since it’s civilizational inception have seen the minorities blossoming either by hook or crook or acceptance under/besides it. Some seem to never acknowledge that.

    • Divs

      April 6, 2022 at 6:20 pm

      80% Hindu or not, we are supposed to be a democratic nation. What muslim majority nations that have a state mandated religion do is none of our bother. Using them as the standard of comparison for our supposedly secular state is extremely illogical. Some never seem to acknowledge that either 🙂

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