Netizens Demand Arrest Nupur Sharma Over Her Remarks On Prophet Muhammad

All the politicians on Twitter are trolled once in their political careers. These trolls are vicious in their tone and style is writing. Recently BJP Spokesperson was at the receiving end of these trolls, sending her rape and death

The reason for this intense trolling is a video shared by Mohammed Zubair, co-founder of fact-checking website Alt News.

On Friday, Zubair tweeted an 86-second clip from a television news debate on the Gyanvapi mosque case in which Sharma can be heard making a controversial remark on Prophet Muhammad’s marriage. The video shared by Zubair has some controversial remarks about Prophet Muhammad, the founder of Islam.

According to Nupur Sharma though “ Mohammed Zubair, co-founder of fact-checking website Alt News, put out a “heavily edited video” from one of her debates.” Nupur Sharma also said “Zubair will be “wholly & solely.” responsible “if anything untoward happens to me or any of my family members.”

The reaction on Twitter has been polarising, to say the least. While there are tweets in support of Nupur Sharma a large amounts of Twitter calls on to arrest Nupur Sharma. Now Nupur Sharma is getting death threats because of this video which the police have taken note of.

Nupur Sharma has been a controversial figure in the past because of her remarks. But this time according to her things are getting out of hand. And this is very apparent in her statement to ANI where she says “ “There is a so-called fact-checker who has started to vitiate the atmosphere by putting out a heavily edited and selected video from one of my debates last night. Ever since I’ve been receiving death and rape threats, including beheading threats against me and family members.”

Here is what Twitter has to say about it


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The article has been by Akhil Menon


References: Deccan Herald and India Today

Featured image source: Swarajya

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