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Namma Bengaluru

Namma Bengaluru: Angry? Frustrated? Exhausted? City’s First Rage Room Is Here To Help…

Rage Room Bengaluru FI

The silicon valley of India, Bengaluru is home to a vast population, an abundance of nature, weekend attractions, pubs, and much more. Every time you ask what’s next? the city has a comeback. It’s time for settling your rage to embrace mental peace and calmness.

Rage Room Expirience

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Bengaluru’s first rage room is open now! Go ahead and release anger issues. Although this may seem like a strange concept, it has proven to be beneficial and holds various advantages that translate into it gaining popularity across the world.

What’s A Rage Room?

Rage rooms, also known as smash rooms or anger rooms, are spaces where individuals can pay to physically destroy objects and relieve stress. The concept of rage rooms originated in Japan in the early 2000s and has since spread to other countries, including the United States and Europe. Participants usually wear protective gear and are provided with various objects, such as glassware and electronics, to smash.

Rage Room’s Benefits?

Benefits Of Rage Room

Image Courtesy: Rage Room Bangalore

Who Is Behind The City’s First Rage Room?

Ananya Shetty, a 23-year-old digital marketer from IIT Madras came up with the idea and implemented it. You can connect with her at

Why Did Ananya Take Up This Venture?

Ananya Shetty said: “Taking out frustration on physical items by using our strength gives a cathartic release and it lets out the pent-up emotions like anxiety, pain, grief, and trauma within an individual. In metropolitan cities like Bengaluru, spaces are constrained, we don’t have space or freedom to vent out frustration in a healthy way, and we can’t destroy things at home so a place like this is going to help people. I thought if rage rooms are a huge success in countries like the US and the UK, why not India? Moreover, they will also make the entire process of sourcing and waste recycling systematic.”

Speaking about the inspiration for starting a rage room, she said: “I was very pissed at somebody at 2:30 in the night and a friend suggested that I break things. I searched for rage rooms in Bengaluru but did not find any, then I realised that people needed it and I materialised it.”

What All Does The Rage Room Offer?

The place offers people a range of things to destroy, such as vessels, Polystyrene sheets, chairs, tables, wooden items, metal rods, glass items, plastic cans, tube lights, and electronic items like television sets, refrigerators, and microwaves. Only those who are 18+ years of age can use the Rage Room.

Rage Room Offers?

Image Courtesy: MetroSaga

Where Is It Located?

It is located in the South Bengaluru region in Pattalamma Temple Rd, Basavangudi (near South End Circle Metro Station).

What’s The Pricing?

Price varies from the pack you choose and introductory prices are in place. Remember to book your slots as the slots are already full due to heavy traffic.

Bengaluru's Rage Room Prices

Image Courtesy: Rage Room Bangalore

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