Mumbai’s Iconic Ice Cream Shop To Shut Down?

No trip to Mumbai’s iconic Marine Drive is complete without stopping at the famous ice cream shop K Rustoms. It has become a tradition that people stop at the shop to have a delicious ice cream block wrapped between two thin wafer biscuits. However, it seems the tradition will come to a halt as the shop is posed to shut down in two months.

Image Source Trip Advisor
Image Source: Trip Advisor

Started by Khodabux Rustom Irani, the premises used to be a departmental store before it began selling ice creams in 1953.

Image Source Justdial
Image Source: Justdial

The Cricket Club of India (CCI) has asked K Rustoms to vacate the premises as the smalls causes court has ruled in favour of CCI. K Rustoms is a part of the Brabourne Stadium, which is owned by the CCI. The CCI filed a case against the shop in 1996 because they wished to expand and use the space for a coffee shop. The property which is disputed comprises 3090 square feet and a mezzanine floor of 950 square feet. Although there is an ice parlour present, the premise is also used for selling readymade clothing.

According to the CCI, K Rustoms pays a monthly rent of Rs 527, which is literally next to nothing in South Bombay. However, K Rustoms has stated that the statement is ‘incredible’ as CCI does not mention the electricity and water charges. Moreover, K Rustoms has stated that it will have to shut its business down if it vacates the premises.

K Rustoms, in its statement to the court, stated that it has been actively looking for an alternative premise but it could not find any. However, the court has said it has not submitted evidence for the same. The court further stated that they cannot force a landlord to do a particular business. Not happy with the ruling, K Rustoms has vowed to file an appeal soon.

What is your opinion on the court’s ruling? Should the CCI take over the premises to start a coffee shop?

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Featured image source: The Indian Express

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