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Mission Raniganj : The Real Story Behind The Film

Justice Manmeet Pritam Singh Arora. 41

The film Mission Raniganj is a compelling portrayal of a little-known real-life incident in India, focusing on the heroic rescue of 65 miners trapped in a flooded coal mine. Akshay Kumar’s character draws inspiration from mining engineer Jaswant Singh Gill, the man behind this remarkable rescue mission.

Mission Raniganj - The Great Bharat Rescue | Official Teaser | Akshay Kumar  | In Cinemas 6th October -

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Here are some facts you need to know about the film:

– Jaswant Singh Gill was born in Sathiala, Amritsar, in 1939. After completing his schooling, he pursued a BSc degree from the Indian School of Mines in Dhanbad, Jharkhand. Gill joined Coal India Limited in 1973, embarking on a journey that would lead to one of the most extraordinary rescue missions in Indian history.

– On 13 November 1989, tragedy struck the Mahabir Colliery in Raniganj, West Bengal. A series of blasts occurred when someone accidentally touched the upper seam of the mine, resulting in heavy flooding. At that time, approximately 232 miners were working in the 320-foot-deep coal mine.

– Of the 232 miners, 161 were fortunate enough to be near the lifts in the pit and were evacuated immediately. However, 71 miners were left trapped in the borewell as the shafts became flooded. Six coal miners lost their lives due to drowning, leaving 65 miners struggling for survival in the submerged mine.

Parineeti Chopra wishes Akshay Kumar on his birthday, shares new still from  'Mission Raniganj'

– As the trapped miners awaited their fate, authorities became aware of their predicament through a telephone connection from the borewell to the surface. Desperate to rescue them, several submersible pumps were installed in the mine to lower the water level, but their efforts proved futile. The oxygen levels inside the mine were also rapidly depleting, heightening the urgency of the situation.

– Jaswant Singh Gill, in a stroke of brilliance, proposed an innovative solution to rescue the trapped miners. He conceived a 7-foot-high and 22-inch-tall steel capsule designed to extract miners one by one through a new borehole. The idea was nothing short of a lifesaver.

Mission Raniganj Box Office Collection Day 2: Akshay Kumar's Film Witnessed  A 55% Jump

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– Remarkably, within a mere 72 hours, the steel capsule was constructed and prepared for its crucial mission. After a few successful trial runs, it was lowered into the borehole with unwavering determination.

– What sets this rescue apart is the unwavering resolve of Jaswant Singh Gill. He not only devised the plan but also personally entered the capsule to rescue the trapped miners, despite facing opposition and the inherent risks involved.

– Around 20,000 people gathered to witness this extraordinary rescue operation. The nation held its breath as ‘Capsule Gill’ descended into the depths of the mine, defying all odds to save lives.

Mission Raniganj: First Motion Poster Of Akshay Kumar, Parineeti Chopras  Rescue Thriller Out | People News |

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– Jaswant Singh Gill’s herculean efforts paid off as he spent six hours bringing up each of the 65 miners one by one. When he finally emerged from the capsule, the crowd erupted in joy. His unwavering determination earned him the name ‘Capsule Gill,’ a title that symbolized his indomitable spirit and heroic achievement.

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