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Mehul Bhatnagar, The Boy Who Was Wrongfully Accused Of Rape Threats And Acid Attack

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Source- Reddit

Mehul Bhatnagar, a class 12th student studying in Central Academy, Jodhpur shared his story on social media who was  being accused of fake rape & acid attack threats by a girl who studied with him in the same class.

In fact, on September 5, his classmate, a minor student, lodged a case of POCSO against him at Shastri Nagar police station. Accused the boy of threatening to do bed touch, rape and acid attack. After that the girl’s father gave a complaint against Mehul to the school management. After that Mehul was expelled from the school. 4 2 696x464 1

Source- DNP India


Mehul’s track record doesn’t show any symptoms of this kind of behavior. On 28th June’22, Raksha Asopa received the first letter in his name. At this time, his school’s PTI teacher physically assaulted Mehul who forced him to accept the allegation. He was rusticated from school after 5 days without any inquiry just because of the pressure enforced by the Girl’s father Vipin Asopa as he was putting pressure on the school that the rapport of the school is at stake.

The girl had implicated Mehul in a vicious way, but she made a big mistake. Even after Mehul’s arrest, she continued to write threatening letters to herself. In these letters, the conversation between his family members and the police was also mentioned. From this, the police got the clue that any member of the minor’s house is involved in this conspiracy.

Many questions arose Why the delivery of letters couldn’t be traced? Why was no surveillance used to investigate? What Jodhpur police was doing all along? They seemed something totally obnoxious and arrested Mehul on 24th Aug ’22 when the girl received the letter for a possible acid attack. He was declared Criminal without any proper investigation.

Mistakes of the school management have also come to the fore in this whole matter. Only to save the reputation of the school, the school management, including the principal, accepted Mehul guilty without investigation. He was thrown out of the school without questioning. After this, the school students also demonstrated in protest and they also made many serious allegations against the management. Seeing the matter escalate, a letter was issued by the management and it was told that there will be a fair investigation in this matter. 

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