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MCD Imposes 150-Meter Rule For Meat Shop Locations


New Delhi’s Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD) House recently approved a new policy regarding the location of meat shops and processing units. According to the policy, these establishments must maintain a minimum distance of 150 meters from religious sites and cremation grounds. The statement, released by an MCD official, also clarified that this distance rule would specifically apply to shops selling pork near mosques.

Now, meat shops to be 150m away from religious places in Delhi | Latest  News Delhi -

Source: Hindustan Times

During the meeting, the MCD House passed a total of 54 proposals, which included the regularization of 5,000 sanitation workers. Additionally, the session addressed various issues, such as the deployment of DBC employees and the proposal to send MCD School principals to prestigious international universities like Oxford and Cambridge for enhanced training.

Amidst the developments, Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal extended his congratulations to the sweepers and their families, highlighting the Aam Aadmi Party’s commitment to fulfilling its promises. The Mayor, Shelly Oberoi, held a press conference at the MCD Headquarters alongside Deputy Mayor Aaley Muhammad Iqbal and Leader of the House Mukesh Goyal. Oberoi emphasized that the proposals approved during the meeting aimed to benefit the people of Delhi and the Corporation’s employees. One of the key proposals involved deploying an additional agency to strengthen the sanitation system and combat the accumulation of waste in the city.

North Delhi Municipal Corporation Took Action Against Illegal Meat Vendors  Sealed 14 Illegal Meat Shops ANN | North MCD Action: दिल्ली में नॉर्थ  एमसीडी ने अवैध मांस की दुकानों पर की कार्रवाई,

Source: ABP News

In the session, three proposals were postponed for further discussion, while one was outrightly rejected. The MCD House remains committed to addressing critical issues and enhancing the overall well-being of Delhi and its residents.

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