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Madhubala’s Biopics Finally Confirmed And Her Sister Opens About Her And Her Greviences With Bollywood.

Madhubala And Madhur Bhushan. Credits:- Times Of India

Biopics have been the mood of Bollywood these days and have been widely appreciated by audiences too.

Many filmmakers believe that this phenomenon of biopics has taken such a pace because society and the film industry are trying to find its hero.

Working on these lines another great personality’s biopic is under work for the past 5 years.

The personality we are talking about is “Madhubala.”

This Biopic is being made by Imtiaz Ali

Recently Economic times had an interview with Madhubala’s youngest sister Madhur Bhushan.

The interview revealed a lot about the actress’s life and her personal life and her relationship with mega stars like Dilip Kumar and Kishore Kumar.

These are some broad points that the interview covered.


Madhubala And Madhur Bhushan.
Credits:- Times Of India

Why is the Madhubala biopic taking such a long time?

The interview doesn’t go into detail but tells us that the biopic was facing some or the other hurdle for the past 5 years.

Nevertheless, in the past few months, things have taken a positive spin where the entire family has come together and joined hands. 

“All of us sisters and their families have united and decided to make the biopic together.” 

Thus this will make the biopic journey less bumpy now.

She also points out that most of the profits earned through this endeavour will go towards charity.

The family with the guidance of Arvind Kumar Malviya (the person who was instrumental in convincing her family to agree to this biopic) are making an old age home in Jodhpur, so the funds from this movie will be employed there.

What are the grievances of the family with Bollywood?

The family is disappointed with Bollywood as they failed to give recognition that she deserved.

She says “It’s been 53 years since my sister passed away, why couldn’t anyone hold one event in her memory? Why couldn’t one organisation give her a posthumous award? Why has there been no recognition awarded to her? Why wasn’t she ever considered for a Bharat Ratna?”

She also points out how the whole singer’s fraternity came together to pay tributes to Lata Mangeshkar.

She is disappointed that the acting fraternity did not emulate the same for her sister denying her the respect she deserved.

Madhubala and her relationship with her father Ataullah Khan.

Madhu Bhushan also clarified that even though her father was always villainized for the way he treated her, he was a good soul and mentor to Madhubala and whatever Madhubala is today a huge credit that goes to their father.

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Ataullah Khan.

She goes on to say “I agree that my father was strict and hotheaded, he was possessive about his children. But what’s wrong if a father is possessive about his daughters, especially when he lost all his sons to tragic circumstances.”

She also goes on to state “He used to stop his daughters from attending parties, putting on makeup and stepping out for late nights and I think that modern parents should also exercise some kind of restriction on their children.”

 She also points out that if her father was so harsh and authoritative why would he ever allow all the sisters to marry outside the religion.

Relations Souring between Dilip Kumar and Madhubala’s Father and her diagnosis and her final days

During the interview, she (Madhur Bhushan) also reveals that if it was not for the court case relation between Dilip Kumar and her Father would have been normal.

210707003125 01 dilip kumar

Dilip Kumar
Credits:- CNN

Madhubala even intervened and pleaded with Dilip Kumar to apologise saying “Dekho humari zindagi barbaad ho jayegi’ and Dilip saab would ask her, ‘Tum itni zidd kyun kar rahi ho?”

Thus the relationship could have been saved with a single sorry.

She also says “He was the most wonderful human being, it’s just that he wasn’t able to say sorry to our father.”

The interview reveals that Madhubala had a hole in her heart this news was broken to the family by Kishore Kumar who had gone with Madhubala to London for the diagnosis.

article l 202225316002557625000

Kishore Kumar Married to Madhubala
Credits:- Bollywood Shaddis

But Madhubala was determinant she said to her father “Please don’t pay heed to what the doctors are saying. I am fit and fine. You please sign new films, give my dates, I will start shooting three days from now”

Kishore Kumar is the one that convinced her to take a rest.

But throughout she was a fighter her sister reveals that The doctor had given her 2 years. But while she was bedridden, for 2 years.

Madhubala fought her way till 9 years just months after her 35th birthday she passed away.

Credits:- Entertainment Times and Times Of India

Featured Image Credits:- Times Of India

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