Love And Thunder Steals The Hearts Of Netizens

Marvel just dropped the hottest trailer of the year! Thor: Love and Thunder has captured the hearts of netizens, and they can’t stop jumping with joy. The film, directed by Taika Waititi, has been eagerly anticipated by fans for quite some time.


It is bound to release in the theatres on 8th July. Moreover, in an interesting twist, Natalie Portman has been shown as the Goddess of Thunder. 

Let us look at what Twitter has to say about the trailer,

As fans, we cannot wait for the movie as it shows a new angle on the God of Thunder. Furthermore, while Thor has stated that he is no longer a superhero, we could see him travelling with the Guardians of the Galaxy. Did he truly give up? Or was it a ruse to defeat something powerful?

Additionally, it would be interesting to watch Natalie Portman as the Goddess of Thunder because it is unknown how she obtained Thor’s power. Perhaps the answer lies in Mjolnir, or perhaps Odin bestowed the powers on her in previous films that awakened in this film. One will have to wait and watch to understand this mystery.

We certainly cannot wait for the movie; we hope you feel the same! Let us know in the comments what you felt about the movie trailer.

Featured image source: Collider

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