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From Nikaama to Corrupt: Lok Sabha Bans 65 Words; Calls Them Unparliamentary

Lok Sabha
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In a new booklet released by the Lok Sabha Secretariat, several words and expressions have been listed as unparliamentary. These words cannot be used by the Members of Parliament in both Lok Sabha and the Rajya Sabha. The list comes ahead of the Monsoon session which begins on 18 July.

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Image Source: Justdial

The Secretariat compiles words and expressions that are periodically deemed unparliamentary by the Chair in various legislative bodies and the Parliament. However, the Lok Sabha Speaker and the Rajya Sabha Chairman will have the last word in expunging them.

Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla Image Source Telegraph India

Lok Sabha Speaker, Om Birla
Image Source: Telegraph India


Rajya Sabha Chairman Venkaiah Naidu Image Source NDTV

Rajya Sabha Chairman, Venkaiah Naidu
Image Source: NDTV

Here is the list of the words that have been deemed unparliamentary in the Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha:

  1. Abused

  2. Ahankar

  3. Anarchist

  4. Apmaan

  5. Asatya

  6. Ashamed

  7. Baal Buddhi

  8. Bechara

  9. Behri Sarkaar

  10. Betrayed

  11. Bloodshed

  12. Bloody

  13. Bobcut

  14. COVID Spreader

  15.  Chamcha

  16.  Chamchagiri

  17. Cheated

  18.  Chelas

  19. Childishness

  20. Corrupt

  21. Coward

  22. Criminal

  23. Crocodile Tears

  24.  Dadagiri

  25.  Dalal

  26.  Danga

  27.  Dhindhora Peetna

  28. Dictatorial

  29. Disgrace

  30.  Dohra Charitra

  31. Donkey

  32. Drama

  33. Eyewash

  34. Foolish

  35. Fudge

  36.  Gaddar

  37.  Ghadiyali Ansu

  38.  Girgit

  39. Goons

  40. Hooliganism

  41. Hypocrisy

  42. Incompetent

  43.  Jaichand

  44.  Jumlajeevi

  45.  Kala Bazaari

  46.  Kala Din

  47.  Khalistani

  48.  Khareed Farokht

  49.  Khoon see Kheti

  50. Lie

  51. Lollipop

  52. Mislead

  53.  Nautanki

  54.  Nikamma

  55.  Pitthu

  56.  Samvedanheen

  57. Sexual Harassment

  58.  Shakuni

  59. Snoopgate

  60.  Taanashah

  61.  Taanashahi

  62. Untrue

  63.  Vinash Purush

  64.  Vishwasghat

Some of these words have been taken and referenced from some Commonwealth Parliaments in 2020. Moreover, these words were deemed unparliamentary in the Lok Sabha, Rajya Sabha and the state legislature of India in 2021.

However, it is important to note that certain words might not seem unparliamentary unless they are used or read in a certain context with the other terms used during legislative sessions.


References: The Quint.

Featured Image Source: The Economic Times

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