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Life Story Of Umashree | Everything You Need To Know About Your New MLC


Umashree, a seasoned and versatile actor of the Kannada film industry, is a living testament to the age-old adage, “Where there’s a will, there’s a way.” Her remarkable journey, from humble beginnings in Tiptur, Karnataka, to becoming a renowned figure in both the world of cinema and politics, serves as a shining example of a rags-to-riches story.

Despite facing numerous challenges and setbacks, Umashree’s unwavering determination and talent propelled her to the forefront of the entertainment industry, making her a force to reckon with.


Source: Kannada Filmi beat

Early Life and Struggles in Bengaluru

Born in Tiptur, Karnataka, Umashree’s life took a tragic turn when she lost her mother at the tender age of eight. She was taken under the care of her aunt and uncle, who relocated her to Bengaluru. From an early age, Umashree was captivated by the world of theater and plays, a passion her foster mother did not understand or encourage.

As she grew older, she was married off but soon found herself in a tumultuous marriage that ended in abandonment by her husband and relatives. To make ends meet while pregnant, she resorted to selling idlis on the streets and slept on pavements, facing the harsh realities of life head-on.


Source: DH

Entry into Theatre

Umashree‘s life began to change when she moved to Tumkur, where her encounter with a kind-hearted individual named Murthy altered her fate. Murthy, who supplied props to theater groups, noticed her dire situation and took her under his wing to a nearby town, providing her with shelter and food. It was here that she began her journey in the world of theater, taking on small roles in plays. However, due to her pregnancy, the local residents advised her to return to Bengaluru.

With her first child and growing responsibilities, Umashree embarked on a determined path to secure a better future. She decided to undergo training as a nursery teacher, a pursuit that required her to traverse the vast expanse of Bengaluru on foot. Along her arduous journey, she stumbled upon ‘Makkala Koota,’ where theatrical performances were a regular occurrence. Undeterred, Umashree approached the organizers, requesting a role in their productions. Though initially met with uncertainty, she persevered.


Source: TV9 Kannada

Rise to Prominence in Theatre

Her perseverance paid off when, a few days later, the same individual who had initially hesitated offered her a role in an upcoming rehearsal. This marked the turning point in Umashree’s life as she became a part of the prestigious theater group, ‘Rangasampada.’ The play was directed by none other than the legendary TS Nagabharana, and her co-stars in the production would later become icons of Kannada cinema.

Transition to the Silver Screen

Umashree’s entry into the world of cinema was a natural progression. Her silver screen debut came with the film ‘Bangadara Jinke,’ followed by iconic performances in cult classics like ‘Anubhava,’ ‘Amruta Galige,’ ‘Bete,’ and many others. While she was initially typecast in comedic roles, her talent and dedication helped her break free from these constraints. She emerged as a versatile actor, infusing each of her characters with depth and authenticity, earning her accolades and a dedicated fan following.


Source: The Times of India

A Voice Against Patriarchy

In 2013, Umashree extended her influence beyond the world of entertainment and ventured into politics. She joined the Congress party and even served as the Minister of Women and Child Development, using her position to advocate for women’s rights and empowerment. Throughout her career in both films and politics, she has consistently been a vocal voice against patriarchy, challenging societal norms and advocating for gender equality.

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