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Legal Action Threatened Against Those Wearing Tiger Claw Lockets


In a recent turn of events, concerns have arisen in Bangalore regarding the possession and wearing of tiger claw lockets. Ravindra, the DCFO of the Forest Department, has issued a warning that legal action may be taken against individuals wearing these accessories. This caution comes in the wake of the arrest of Varthur Santosh, a former Big Boss contestant, who was found wearing a tiger claw locket. The incident has shed light on the prevalence of such items across the state and their potential illegality. 

Two More Held In Chikkamagaluru For Wearing Tiger Nail Dollars After Bigg  Boss Kannada Contestant's Arrest -

Source: Oneindia News

The Forest Department’s DCFO, Ravindra, expressed his concerns regarding the increasing number of tiger claw lockets being worn by individuals. He emphasized that legal action will be pursued if a complaint is lodged against anyone found with these accessories. Notably, the arrest of Varthur Santosh, a well-known personality, has sparked discussions about the authenticity and legality of these items.


Despite the circulation of photos featuring actors like Darshan, Jaggesh, Nikhil Kumaraswamy, and others wearing tiger claw lockets on social media, the Forest Department has not received any official complaints as of now. However, Khadak, a department official, assured that if such complaints are filed, necessary actions will be taken. Individuals wearing these lockets will be issued notices and asked to appear for questioning. Their task will be to confirm the authenticity of the tiger claw, as cow horn is sometimes sold as such. The authorities are determined to verify the legitimacy of these items.

Two held for trading in tiger claws in Chamarajanagar-

Source: The New Indian Express

Regarding the arrest of Varthur Santosh, it is essential to note that his apprehension was not an impulsive act. Authorities meticulously checked the authenticity of his locket over a span of half an hour before making the arrest. This incident has set a precedent for the rigorous inspection of such accessories.


The implications of wearing tiger claw lockets extend beyond legal consequences. There are stringent regulations in place to protect wildlife, and any materials related to wild animals, such as skin, bone, horn, and hair, are strictly prohibited from being collected or possessed. Those in possession of such items are required to hand them over to the appropriate authorities promptly or obtain a valid certificate from the department. Violations of these regulations can result in imprisonment ranging from 3 to 7 years and fines of at least 10,000.

Tiger claw locket row: Celebrities under scanner; K'taka Forest Min says  'no one will be spared'

Source: Sakhshi Post

As more cases of tiger claw locket ownership come to light, particularly involving well-known personalities, questions about potential arrests have emerged. The Forest Department is keen on upholding the law and ensuring that those in violation are held accountable for their actions.


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