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Kunal Kamra In A Twitter War Again

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Kunal Kamra is no stranger to contraversy.

His jokes have been problematic for many groups in this country, thus landing him in legal trouble many times.

His Twitter account has been a constant bone of contention for many in the country, mainly because of his Meme series named “Now who did this”.

This meme is extremely political and mostly targets the BJP and its actions.

This Series has again grabbed a lot of Eyeballs.

What was the post? And why such a controversy? let us find out.

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Kunal Kamra
Credits:- Tribune India

What was the post?

The post was an edited video of a Seven-year-old singing a patriotic song called “Hey Janmabhoomi Bharat”.

Kunal Kamra reposted a video that makes it seem like the boy is singing “Mehgai Dayan”, a popular folk song on inflation featured in the film “Peepli Live”.

The edited video of the song has been taken down after the controversy.

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A snippet of the controversy
Credit:- OP India

Why such a controversy?

The whole fiasco became this huge when the father of the child Ganesh Pol reacted on Twitter by saying “He is my 7-Year-old son, who wanted to sing this song for his beloved Motherland. Though he is still very young certainly he loves his country more than you Mr Kamra or Kachra whatever u are. Keep the poor boy out of your filthy politics & and try to work on your poor jokes.”

Kamra responded to this by Tagging Pol and saying- “The joke is not on your son, while you enjoy your son sing for his motherland to the most popular son, there are songs that he should listen to from people of his country also.”

He also tweeted “The father is guiding the child towards demo singing to PM while everyone has cameras rolling & footage shared on social media, PM got the kid in public domain, not me. I just made the child sing a song the PM much rather hear…”

What has been the reaction?

Like every Kunal Kamara post, the response to this issue has been polarising.

While some users supported the Comedian, many have sought police cases on the charges and appealed to the National Commission for Protection of Child Rights to take action on the same.



Credits:- Deccan Herald and NDTV

Featured Image Credit:- OP India




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