Kochi Tattoo Artist Absconding amidst Multiple Sexual Assault Cases

Earlier this week a Reddit post went up that accused Sujeesh PS of sexual assault, he is a well-known tattoo artist in Kochi, Kerala with many celebrities walking in INKFECTED TATTOO studio to be inked. The post was made by an 18-year-old girl explaining the traumatic event.

Through her post she requested other victims, if any, to fill out a google form about their experience which could help her in the legal battle against the tattoo artist.

Once the post received some shares, numerous other victims came out with #MeToo allegations based on their experience at the tattoo studio. One of the posts was another victim of Sujeesh PS, they posted a video on their Instagram handle (@aiiisshhhhaa) explaining the event.

Under the #MeToo multiple posts accused Sujeesh of Inappropriate questions about sex life and personal relationships, groping, touching inappropriately on the pretense of cleaning, rape, and other sexual misconduct. Alleged by the victims, he also offered a “Discount” on the bills and told them to visit again “Alone”.

The victims also explained how he locks the room and that the room doesn’t have any security cameras, allegedly he tells the victims to walk into the room alone without any company.

In the course of five days more than 20 women have come out with #MeToo allegations against the tattoo artist and over 5 cases have been filed against him with the local police.

As of now, Sujeesh is absconding. It is interesting to know that he is a married man with a kid.

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