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Karnataka’s Republic Day Tableau Rejection: Reason Behind The Decision

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The decision by the Central Government to reject Karnataka’s tableau for the Republic Day parade in New Delhi has ignited a political dispute, with Chief Minister Siddaramaiah terming it an insult to the 70 million Kannadigas. 

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Siddaramaiah, expressing his displeasure, denounced the rejection as an insult to the people of Karnataka. He asserted that various tableau proposals were submitted, featuring notable figures like Nalvadi Krishnaraja Wodeyar, Kittur Rani Chennamma, and showcasing Brand Bengaluru and Karnataka’s rich flora and fauna. Siddaramaiah accused the BJP-led central government of struggling to accept the Congress’s victory in the previous year’s Assembly elections in Karnataka. Moreover, he criticized BJP MPs in Karnataka for their alleged silence on this perceived injustice.

Rejection of Karnataka Republic Day tableau kicks up row-

Source: The New Indian Express

In response, BJP state president BY Vijayendra defended the Centre’s decision, asserting that the Congress government should have approached the Centre instead of politicizing the issue. Vijayendra highlighted that Karnataka had been part of the Republic Day parade for 14 consecutive years, and this year, other states were given the opportunity. He urged that the rejection should not be turned into a political matter and suggested that approaching the central government could have resolved the issue, as was done in the previous year.

Republic Day: Karnataka CM calls rejection of state tableau an 'insult' to  Kannadigas -

Source: The Week

Amidst accusations of discrimination by some opposition-ruled states, the Defence Ministry clarified that the selection process for Republic Day Parade 2024 tableaux followed a transparent and consultative approach. An expert committee, consisting of eminent personalities from various artistic fields, meticulously reviewed the proposals. The process, initiated in May 2023, involved a three-year rolling plan for tableau participation, with states and Union territories actively engaged in theme selection competitions. The Defence Ministry emphasized that the selection aimed at encouraging new talent for tableau design, ensuring a fair representation of diverse states and UTs.

Political Row Over Centre's 'Rejection' of Karnataka Tableau for Republic  Day Parade

Source: The Wire

The expert committee selected 16 states and UTs for Republic Day Parade 2024, including opposition-ruled states. Interestingly, states like Uttarakhand and Goa were not selected, demonstrating an unbiased approach. Karnataka, being a signatory to the MoU, will still have an opportunity to participate in Bharat Parv at Red Fort, Delhi, alongside other states. This initiative aims to showcase the cultural richness of different regions, providing an alternative platform for states that may have missed out on the Republic Day parade.


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