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Karnataka Launches Gaming Center For Industry Advancement

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Karnataka is all set to establish a Center of Excellence (CoE) for Gaming, aiming to foster a thriving ecosystem encompassing hardware, software, innovation, and government collaboration. 

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Games24x7 Partners Karnataka Govt To Launch Accelerator For Indian Gaming  Startups

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The CoE for Gaming in Karnataka is envisioned to be a comprehensive hub, bringing together hardware, software, innovators, and government collaboration. Minister Priyank Kharge expressed the state’s determination to create the most successful CoE in gaming. In addition, Bengaluru is set to host one of the largest game developer and e-gaming summits in February 2025.

Kharge unveiled the AVGC-XR Policy 2024-2029, which serves as the blueprint for the CoE. The policy outlines plans for high-performance computing clusters, simulation labs, testing zones, educational programs, workshops, and research and development activities. The focus is on emerging trends such as augmented reality, virtual reality, and artificial intelligence within the gaming sector.

The AVGC-XR policy emphasizes a multi-stakeholder approach involving the government, industry, and academia. The CoE will provide incubation support for startups, mentorship from industry veterans, and access to funding channels. Events like hackathons, game jams, and industry conferences will be organized to foster innovation and networking.

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Minister Kharge highlighted the establishment of Centers of Excellence and Innovation hubs across the state, creating a collaborative environment for skill development, fostering innovation, and translating research into market-ready products and services.

According to the policy, a dedicated team will continuously monitor market trends to align the CoE’s objectives and activities with technological advancements and societal needs. The ultimate goal is to elevate Karnataka as a global hub for responsible and innovative gaming.

Acknowledging the potential drawbacks of the gaming sector, Kharge announced responsible gaming initiatives and a digital detox program to safeguard the well-being of the youth. Regulatory guidelines will be developed with legal experts to ensure responsible and ethical gaming practices. Kharge clarified his stance against gambling but distinguished games of skill from games of chance.

Karnataka to launch Center of Excellence for Gaming, says IT minister  Priyank Kharge

Source: Money Control

The AVGC-XR policy proposes the establishment of a specialized Game Development Center within the CoE, serving as a hub for game designers, developers, artists, and industry experts. It will provide essential resources, state-of-the-art technologies, mentorships, and training programs. Additionally, a dedicated AVGC-XR Park in Bengaluru, functioning as a Special Economic Zone under a Public-Private Partnership model, is in the works to offer fiscal incentives to companies.

Kharge highlighted the six pillars of the AVGC-XR policy, focusing on skill development, sustainable infrastructure, empowering startups and MSMEs, providing global market access, incentives for sustainable growth, and a focus on multi-platform AVGC-XR products.

The expected outcomes of this policy, according to Kharge, include nurturing creative talent, providing educational opportunities, fostering technological advancements, ensuring gainful employment, and positioning Karnataka as a hub for the global gaming ecosystem.


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