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Karnataka Govt Allocates ₹125.48 Crore in Funds for Transport Corporations

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With a remarkable milestone achieved since its inception, the ‘Shakti’ scheme has enabled over 29.32 crore women to avail its benefits, while the four transport corporations have issued a staggering number of zero tickets amounting to ₹687 crore in value, as reported by officials. This groundbreaking initiative, implemented in select state-run buses across Karnataka, offers free travel to women commuters. Recently, the state government took a significant step by releasing the first installment of ₹125.48 crore to the transport corporations, based on the number of ‘zero tickets’ issued, further reinforcing its commitment to empowering women through accessible transportation.

Still a member of assembly as my resignation is not accepted yet: Ramalinga  Reddy

Source: Deccan Herald

According to officials, the government has taken substantial steps to support the success of the ‘Shakti’ scheme by disbursing funds to various transport corporations. Notably, the Karnataka Road Transport Corporation (KSRTC) received ₹47.15 crore, the Bengaluru Metropolitan Transport Corporation (BMTC) was allocated ₹21.85 crore, the Northwestern Karnataka Road Transport Corporation (NWKRTC) obtained ₹32.57 crore, and the Kalyana Karnataka Road Transport Corporation (KKRTC) was granted ₹23.90 crore.

Since the inception of the ‘Shakti’ scheme, the impact has been undeniable, witnessing a remarkable surge in the average daily ridership of the four bus corporations. Transport Minister Ramalinga Reddy proudly announced that the ridership had impressively crossed the one crore mark, signaling the program’s resounding success. The surge in ridership not only showcases the overwhelming response from women beneficiaries but also reflects the significant role the scheme plays in enhancing accessibility and mobility for women across the state.

No state transport service to 257 villages due to bad roads' | Deccan Herald

Source: Deccan Herald

The ‘Shakti’ scheme has empowered approximately 30 crore women to travel freely on government buses. The scheme has not only attracted a substantial number of women passengers, but it has also contributed to a remarkable increase in the overall daily ridership. 

Prior to the scheme’s launch, an average of 84 lakh passengers utilized government buses daily, but this number has surged significantly due to the initiative. Officials further report that since the inception of the scheme, over 29.32 crore women have benefited from its provisions, while the four transport corporations have issued an astonishing number of zero tickets, accumulating a total value of ₹687 crore. These statistics demonstrate the immense success and positive response that the ‘Shakti’ scheme has garnered, making a significant difference in women’s mobility and transportation accessibility.

Karnataka transport bodies seek full reimbursement under Shakti scheme  after govt releases only Rs 125 crore | Bangalore News - The Indian Express

Source: Indian Express

The state government has committed to covering the expenses of the Shakti scheme and has allocated ₹2,800 crore in the recent budget for this fiscal year. Additionally, the government has set an annual outlay of ₹3,000 crore for the scheme. The four transport corporations have reached out to the state government, requesting reimbursement of expenses amounting to over ₹250 crore incurred until June.

Furthermore, the RTCs are seeking an advance payment of around ₹500 crore for the months of July and August. To address this, the transport minister announced that the government will reimburse the RTCs’ costs for free travel, starting from August’s first week, based on the number of zero tickets issued.

Women to get free bus travel in Karnataka: Ramalinga Reddy,  karnataka-free-bus-travel-minister-says-no-conditions-imposed

ETV Bharat

In the previous week, Reddy announced that the government has decided to reimburse the cost of zero tickets on a monthly basis, starting from August. The reimbursement for June will be made during the first week of August. Reddy emphasized the importance of timely payments to the road transport corporations, as it will support them and prevent any financial burdens arising from the scheme. On Tuesday, he also celebrated the remarkable success of the flagship Shakti scheme, despite facing opposition. He proudly stated that the scheme has empowered women and downplayed any minor inconveniences that were blown out of proportion on social media. 

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