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Karnataka Government Unveils Plans For KHIR City

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In a significant move aimed at bolstering economic growth and fostering innovation, the Karnataka government has revealed plans to establish a cutting-edge Knowledge, Health, Innovation, and Research (KHIR) city within the premises of Bengaluru. 

Karnataka plans KHIR City near Bengaluru, aims to generate Rs 40,000 Cr  investment & create 80,000 jobs

Source: PuneNow

With an anticipated investment of ₹40,000 crores across the knowledge, health, innovation, and research sectors, this ambitious project is poised to generate approximately 80,000 new job opportunities. Karnataka Industries Minister MB Patil expressed optimism about the venture’s potential to significantly contribute to the state’s GDP, citing Karnataka’s reputation for successful public-private partnerships.

Economic Impetus and Job Creation:

MB Patil, addressing the media, highlighted the pressing need to attract investments in response to the escalating economic activity within the state. Emphasizing Karnataka’s prowess in fostering a conducive ecosystem for various industries, Patil asserted that the KHIR city project would leverage the state’s existing strengths. The minister’s statement underscored the government’s commitment to enhancing the public-private partnership model for the KHIR city, projecting it as a major contributor to Karnataka’s economic landscape. The anticipated ₹40,000 crore investment across knowledge, health, innovation, and research is expected to catalyze the creation of 80,000 jobs, providing a significant boost to the state’s employment scenario.

Karnataka's KHIR City Near Bengaluru To Boost Medical Tourism

Source: Twitter

Karnataka’s Allure for Global Investments:

Patil further emphasized Karnataka’s attractiveness as an investment destination, citing the state’s robust ecosystem supporting diverse industries such as medical, IT, education, and biotech. He asserted that the state’s wide-ranging facilities, coupled with an unparalleled pool of talent, make it a preferred choice for global companies. The minister’s vision for the KHIR city extends beyond local impact, aiming to position Karnataka as a global hub for innovation and research. The government’s overarching goal is to attract international investments, positioning KHIR as a model city for the entire nation.

Undecided Location and Connectivity:

While the exact location of the KHIR city remains undecided, sources suggest it will likely encompass the vicinity of Bengaluru, ensuring strategic proximity to the international airport. This decision aligns with the government’s vision to establish a well-connected and accessible hub for knowledge, health, innovation, and research. The selected location aims to optimize logistical convenience for businesses and stakeholders, fostering seamless collaboration and growth within the KHIR city.

Karnataka Govt Plans KHIR City Near Bengaluru | कर्नाटक सरकार आने वाले 3-4  सालों में बेंगलुरू के पास एक नया शहर बसाने की तैयारी में, क्या है आर्थिक  दृष्टि से इस नये


Priyank Kharge’s Vision for Bengaluru:

Karnataka IT Minister Priyank Kharge expressed confidence that the KHIR city would elevate Bengaluru’s global standing. Recognizing Bengaluru’s existing reputation for innovation and a robust start-up ecosystem, Kharge outlined plans to diversify the city’s contributions. Beyond the IT and start-up sectors, the government envisions promoting medical tourism in the state, capitalizing on its existing strengths in the medical supply sector. Kharge’s statement underlines the government’s commitment to ensuring that the KHIR city becomes a beacon of innovation across all sectors, propelling Bengaluru onto the world map as a multifaceted hub of progress.


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