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Jaggesh Takes Legal Action After Tiger Claw Controversy: Forest Officials Under Scrutiny


In a surprising turn of events, renowned actor and Rajya Sabha BJP member, Jaggesh, found himself entangled in a controversy related to a tiger claw pendant he possesses. Allegations surrounding this unique accessory led him to take a legal route to defend his rights. The actor, known for his impeccable sense of humor and acting prowess, has approached the High Court, seeking the cancellation of a notice issued by the Forest Department.

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Source: Kahale News

Forest Department’s Notice:

Jaggesh’s predicament began when the Forest Department issued a notice concerning the possession of a tiger claw pendant, which he had owned for a significant part of his life. Before replying to the notice, he found himself embroiled in a dramatic situation. The actor asserted that 14 officers were subjected to an attack. Furthermore, the forest officials searched his residence and scattered his personal belongings. In response to these allegations, Jaggesh’s lawyer filed a writ petition with the High Court, arguing that the actions of the forest officers were unlawful. This legal move sets the stage for a contentious legal battle, with Jaggesh firmly contesting the actions of the Forest Department.

The Tiger Claw Pendant:

The source of this controversy lies in a tiger claw pendant that Jaggesh had received as a gift from his mother when he was just 20 years old. This cherished possession had been worn by the actor as a pendant for many years, holding deep sentimental value for him. In a candid interview, Jaggesh disclosed the origins of the pendant, shedding light on its sentimental significance in his life. However, the situation took a dramatic turn when another high-profile arrest related to the possession of tiger claws made headlines, causing Jaggesh’s pendant to come under scrutiny.

It's an old locket given by my mother...' Actor Jaggesh on Tiger claw  pendant row

Source: AsiaNet News

Jaggesh’s Response:

In response to the controversy, Jaggesh took to social media to express his stance on the matter. On twitter, he stated, “Law is big.” He indicated his willingness to cooperate with the authorities and confirmed that the pendant was a long-standing keepsake from his mother. In a heartfelt message, he extended gratitude to the divine forces that protected his mother’s offering. Jaggesh made it clear that he had not been involved in any illicit activities and had no intentions of doing so in the future.

Jaggesh’s response extended beyond the confines of this legal dispute. In a contemplative message, he highlighted the presence of both supporters and detractors in life. He underlined the importance of maintaining good character and conduct, suggesting that even in the face of adversity, those with pure intentions find solace in the belief in a higher power. Jaggesh encouraged his followers to engage in acts of kindness and positivity, emphasizing the ultimate consequences of harm caused to others.

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