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The Inspiring Story Of ISRO’s Chairman-Somanath, Mind Behind Chandrayaan-3 


Somanath, the incredible leader behind India’s space adventures, is the head of ISRO. He was born in Kerala and has a fascinating journey that has made ISRO very successful. Here is the success story of his life, from when he was young to his important role in making India proud in space exploration.


Source: Asianet

Growing up in the beautiful state of Kerala, Somanath was influenced by his mom, who was a Hindi teacher. She taught him to love learning. When he was in college, his curiosity led him to do something different – he asked one of his teachers to teach him about rockets, even though it wasn’t part of the usual subjects. He was fascinated by rockets and wanted to learn more about them. 

Learning and Skills:

Diligently putting in the effort, he excelled in his rocketry studies, earning himself an impressive second-highest ranking in the course. Following this accomplishment, he pursued higher education at the renowned Indian Institute of Science in Bengaluru, focusing on the study of flying machines. His exceptional skills and dedication did not go unnoticed, as he achieved the distinction of receiving a special gold medal for his outstanding performance.


Source: ABP News

Helping Rockets Soar:

Upon completing his education, Somanath embarked on a journey with ISRO, where he played a pivotal role in crafting rockets capable of transporting satellites into space. Armed with extensive knowledge in rocket design and structural integrity, he took on the responsibility of overseeing the creation of the initial components for a groundbreaking rocket known as PSLV (Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle). His leadership skills came to the forefront as he skillfully executed this role. Furthermore, his expertise extended beyond PSLV, as he lent his assistance to other rockets, including GSLV (Geosynchronous Satellite Launch Vehicle), contributing significantly to their successful operations.


Source: The week


Rockets and Dreams:

To him, rockets hold a significance beyond mere machinery. He envisions rockets as the sole conduit through which humans can embark on interplanetary journeys, transcending Earth’s boundaries. Expressing this conviction, Somanath stated, “Rockets are the only means by which humans can travel from the shores of Earth to another planet… There is just no other way!” His unwavering belief in the exploration of space is clearly evident in his resolute words, reflecting a profound commitment to advancing our understanding of the cosmos.


Source: The Statesman

Facing Challenges, Winning Victories:

Assuming the leadership of ISRO comes with its challenges, Somanath faced a significant setback when the Chandrayaan 2 mission encountered difficulties. However, he refused to be discouraged. Instead, he and his dedicated team persevered through rigorous efforts. Their determination paid off as they achieved a triumphant turnaround. Ultimately, India emerged as the pioneer in achieving a soft landing on the moon’s southern pole, marking a historic milestone in space exploration.


Source: Badi Soch

Dreams for the Future:

Somanath’s deep affection for rockets is evident, considering them similar to nurturing infants that evolve and overcome hurdles. The success of Chandrayaan-3 filled him with immense joy and pride. Presently, his enthusiasm is directed towards a novel mission known as ‘Gaganyaan,’ centered around launching humans into space. He holds a fervent desire for India to not only excel in this endeavor but also to assume a pioneering role in the global exploration of outer space.

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