India Questions WHO’s New Death Report

On Thursday, the WHO released a report which showed that India had 4.7 million excess covid related deaths. The data shows the figures between January 2020 and December 2021. The excess deaths are more than 10 times the official figures and a third of Covid deaths globally. Moreover, the reports show that the global death figure stood at 15 million; twice the official figure of 6 million.

The WHO chose the mathematical model as many countries lacked reliable mortality surveillance. Since many countries lack reliable mortality surveillance, they cannot collect and generate the data needed to calculate excess mortality.

India has rejected and questioned World Health Organization’s model to calculate the Covid death figures. Furthermore, India said that the covid deaths were far from reality and that the country has an extremely robust system of registering births and deaths.

According to the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, WHO’s data collection system is statistically unsound and scientifically questionable.

A statement released by the Ministry; says, “India has consistently questioned WHO’s own admission that data in respect of seventeen Indian states was obtained from some websites and media reports and was used in their mathematical model.” The statement further said, “This reflects a statistically unsound and scientifically questionable methodology of data collection for making excess mortality projections in the case of India.”

According to the Ministry, data from the Civil Registration System 2020 was shared with the WHO to prepare the excess mortality report. The Ministry stated that the WHO “conveniently ignored” the available data and published its mortality estimates.

References: NDTV

Featured image source: WHO

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