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Increasing Spine Related Issues A Concern In India : Doctor’s Suggest This As The Best Way Out

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There has been an alarming rise in spinal injuries in India as more than 2,00,000 cases regarding the same were reported in a year. Doctors have suggested that Minimum Invasive Surgery is one of the best options to tackle it, as it allows the patient to recover and heal much faster. 

In a report by the Mint, Dr. Manish Vaish from Max Hospital, Delhi stated that the increasing spine-related problems in India are a result of the lack of physical activities. He also said that a large segment of the country’s population lives in inappropriate living conditions, which results in spine-related problems. 

Women have more spine problems than men and even delay treatment - Times of India

Credits – Times Of India

“A few pilot studies have suggested that 60% of the Indian population will have a significant episode of spine-related problems at some point in their lives. There are some spine-related problems where other treatment options do not work, and surgery is left as a lone treatment option. In such a situation, the procedure of Micro Endoscopy Spine (MES) surgery comes into play, putting the patient at ease,” said Dr. Vaish. 

“Micro Endoscopy Spine or Minimally Invasive Surgeries are setting new remedial paradigms to mitigate the sufferings of the patients struggling with spine-related disorders. The novel method devises an improvised surgical precision that cuts down on blood loss besides lessening risks and entailing faster recovery ensuring healthy living…. Minimally Invasive Surgery usually requires a short hospital stay. This offers dual advantages in terms of money and time and above all back to work or back with life” continued Dr. Vaish. 


The doctor also urged people to not delay the treatment as it might not help the cause. According to a report by Health World, improper health treatment can also affect the individual and even aggravate the situation. Thus Minimally Invasive Surgery is seen as a proven therapy method to deal with spine related problems. 


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