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How Many First Time Voters In Karnataka This Time? Click To Know

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The first elections in Karnataka after the Covid-19 Pandemic is nearing, those who have turned 18 and have the eligible criteria can vote. Another peaceful, free and fair election in the largest democracy in the world is to take place.

The 224 constituencies will elect members to its Legislative Assemblies on May 10, 2023, and the results to be announced on May 13, 2023. Most first-time voters will be eager to exercise their right to vote. There has been an increase of first-time voters, that is, individuals aged 18 to 19 in Karnataka to 9.26 percent, since the 2018 Legislative Assembly Elections in Karnataka. 



First Time Voters In Karnataka Credit: TOI

As per the press release by the Election Commission of India pertaining to the General Election of Karnataka on 29th March 2023, the number of voters who turned 18 between the 1st of January 2022 and 2nd of January 2023 is 9,58,806 out of 5,24,11,557, as per the data. The number of first-time voters in 2018 was 15,42,000, which was 2.11% of the total electorate, that figure is now at 2.2%. In the 2013 election, the first-time voter number was 7,18,000.

To make the first-time voters feel included, each party reaches out to the youth through social media, including WhatsApp groups and shares information about candidates and their campaigns. There has been an indication of the impact of first time voters in the past 3 elections in the state of Karnataka. The first time voters turnout will make the difference in the final results of any political party. If they are pandered to and convinced about the party/person’s ideologies, that will truly make a difference in the outcome of the election. 

The youth of this nation do want to make change, since they are too young to occupy positions of power to make change that they see fit, they can do the next best thing which is to vote for whoever they feel can make their constituency better.






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