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Glocalisation And How Global Companies Apply It To Local Markets

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Glocalization is a term coined by Roland Robertson, which is a hybrid name of globalization and localization, and it is a concept that has been there since the 1980s but gained more awareness in the 2000s. In this procedure, global companies create changes to their products to cater to the needs and likes of local consumers in the market. The concept originates from the Japanese word ‘Dochakuka’, which means global localisation and the Japanese used this term to describe the concept of localizing farming techniques to local markets.


source: Wiley Online Library

For example, when McDonald’s set up their fast-food chain in India they made several changes to their menu like switching from hamburger patties to chicken patty as most Indians do not eat pork. Automobile manufacturers have adjusted the features of the vehicles like emission standards, left/right side steering wheel adjustment, and other requirements while still maintaining the general concept. Subsequently, Whirlpool created specially customized designs in washing machines that allow Indian women to wash their five-foot-long sarees without them getting tangled. 


source: India Map




Often, the companies televise culturally friendly media and ad campaigns to encourage the acceptance of foreign products among the local audience. While trying to appeal to the Philippine’s consumer base, the Coca-Cola Company used terms like “pure,” “wholesome,” and “part of the family” in the advertising. The 21-minute “Pearl of the Orient” commercial, which was localized for Coca-Cola, showcases Filipino customs, habits, and culture. It shows locals laughing and drinking Coke bottles among traditional dances and festivities. 


source: Sentinelassam

So, it is apparent that any company or organization needs to make certain required changes that make their products appeal to specific communities that have different tastes, preferences, social norms, values, laws, and requirements. It is a necessary step for the companies to gain the trust and growth in the local markets. 


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