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Hit-And-Run Horror In Bengaluru: SUV Leaves Four Injured On Diwali Night

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In an unfortunate incident on Diwali evening, a rashly driven SUV wreaked havoc in Bengaluru’s Hulimavu area, leaving four individuals injured. The disturbing scene, captured on a vehicle’s dash cam, depicts the SUV colliding with three motorcycles in succession, leading to a man being propelled into the air and another biker landing on the footpath. The injured victims were promptly transported to a hospital, where they are currently in stable condition. 

Video: Speeding SUV Hits 3 Bikes In Bengaluru On Diwali Day, 4 Injured

Source: NDTV

Full Story: 

The heart-stopping incident unfolded on a bustling road in Hulimavu, Bengaluru, where the reckless SUV driver carelessly collided with three motorcycles. The entire episode was captured on a dash cam mounted on a vehicle trailing behind the SUV.

The video footage vividly captures the initial impact as the SUV first struck two motorcycles, sending a man soaring several feet into the air. The victim landed on the road, sandwiched between two cars, while the second biker was flung onto the footpath. The chaotic sequence continued as the SUV, showing no signs of slowing down, rammed into a third motorcycle a few meters ahead, injuring two more individuals.

Rashly-Driven SUV Hits 3 Bikes In Bengaluru On Diwali Day, 4 Hurt | தீபாவளி  நாளில் பதற வைத்த விபத்து.. கட்டுப்பாட்டை இழந்த கார் மோதி 4 பேர் காயம்

Source: DailyThanthi

Following the collision, emergency services swiftly responded, rushing the injured victims to a nearby hospital. Fortunately, the latest reports indicate that all four victims are in stable condition, although the emotional trauma and physical injuries from the hit-and-run are undoubtedly profound.

Authorities are actively engaged in locating the driver of the SUV, who callously fled the scene post the incident. This act of irresponsibility has intensified the urgency of the ongoing investigation. The police are harnessing all available resources to trace and apprehend the individual responsible for the reckless driving that resulted in significant harm to innocent road users.

The aftermath of the incident has triggered discussions on the importance of installing more surveillance cameras on roads to aid in identifying and prosecuting reckless drivers. A collective effort between law enforcement agencies and local communities is essential to create a comprehensive system that deters hit-and-run incidents and ensures swift justice for the victims.

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