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Hilarious E-Rickshaw Mishap Goes Viral, Sparking Laughter And Commentary


Auto rickshaws are a familiar sight in many cities, often packed with passengers trying to maximize their earnings. However, a recent viral video took the concept of overloading to a whole new level when an e-rickshaw suddenly tipped backward due to an excessive passenger load. The comical incident was caught on camera by a YouTuber during his riding Vlog, turning what started as a surprise into an amusing spectacle for viewers. 

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In the video, the YouTuber was recording his typical riding Vlog, and his bike-mounted phone unexpectedly captured the e-rickshaw’s backward tumble. The image of the e-rickshaw with its two front wheels in the air, teetering due to the overcrowded passengers, quickly turned into a source of amusement. The imbalance caused by passengers squeezed both in the middle and at the back led to the e-rickshaw’s overturn. The YouTuber later shared a sneak peek on Instagram and uploaded the full video on YouTube, humorously dubbing the e-rickshaw driver as the ‘Heavy Driver,’ playfully poking fun at the vehicle’s hefty load, which, in this case, was attributed to the driver’s own doing.

ELECTRICO Electric Rickshaw, Model Name/Number: Electriko, Seating  Capacity: 5

Source: India MART

As onlookers rushed to help the passengers and the overturned e-rickshaw, the video brought laughter to many as they marveled at the unexpected overturn. Some couldn’t resist criticizing the driver for overloading the vehicle. Commenters flooded the video with humor and sarcasm, showcasing their amusement at the situation. One user quipped, “Dhoom 4 trailer leaked,” while another humorously remarked, “Gaddiya uchhiya rakhiyaaa” (Translation: ‘They placed the carts too high’), and a third wrote, “Bro never seeing E – rickshaw again.” A fourth user even offered a correction, stating, “Not a heavy driver, but heavy passengers.”

Recklessly yours! E-rickshaws continue to defy all rules in Delhi | Delhi  News -

Source: Times of India

Indeed, rickshaws in India often become internet sensations due to their exceptionally unusual moments. In the past, an auto rickshaw made waves with an unconventional message on its rear, which both amused and puzzled netizens with its linguistic challenge. The message read, “Money is a doesn’t matter but a person is a matter.” This humorous message led to laughter and numerous ‘LOLs’ from those who encountered it, highlighting how rickshaws in India never cease to provide entertainment and amusement in unique and unexpected ways.


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