Hijab Petitioners Are Terrorists, Trained By Terror Outfit, Says BJP Leader

Yashpal Suvarna, a senior BJP leader and vice-chairman of the Udupi Government Pre-University College Development Committee, has called the Muslim girl students who sought the assistance of the Karnataka High Court to wear hijab on college grounds “anti-national” and “members of a terrorist organisation.”

Suvarna, the national general secretary of the BJP OBC Morcha, said “The girls have once again demonstrated that they are not students but members of a terrorist organization. A terrorist organization from Hyderabad came here & trained them on what statements should be given in the media. They are disregarding the learned judges by making a statement in opposition to the High Court verdict. ”

“What should we expect from them for the country when these girl students call the judgments of learned judges politically motivated and against the law?” he asked, “They’ve only demonstrated that they’re anti-national.”

“We are confident that the Supreme Court will issue a decision that is beneficial to the entire country,” he added.  “We are unequivocal in our belief that no religion is more important than the judiciary and the constitution. Several people had petitioned the Supreme Court to overturn the monitoring committee’s decision. People claim that the decisions of the committee were illegal and politically motivated. However, the same people sought legal recourse through the court system but have now demonstrated disrespect for the judicial system,” Suvarna stated.

Nothing better could be anticipated from Yashpal Suvarna, who is attempting to settle ‘political scores through this row,’ according to CFI state president Athaulla Punjalkatte. One of the petitioners, Aliya Assadi, stated that the student issue should have been settled at the college level. In response to Yashpal’s statements, she said ‘‘Even our parents approached our principal. We had consulted the PU department also. Then we went to the High Court. How can he call us terrorists for asking for our rights? I am an Indian. We fought a legal fight. I do not need any training from any organisation to seek my rights.”

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