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Hansal Mehta Discusses Gagan Dev Riar, Comparisons, And ‘Scam 2003’ Volume

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Renowned filmmaker Hansal Mehta is back with a bang as he unveils the highly anticipated second season of his hit series ‘Scam.’ Titled ‘Scam 2003,’ this season has been split into two volumes, promising an intriguing and immersive experience for viewers. 

Mehta delves into the distinctive casting choices made for the series, offering insights into his creative process. Furthermore, he candidly addresses the inevitable comparisons drawn between ‘Scam 2003’ and the critically acclaimed ‘Scam 1992,’ inviting audiences to embark on a thrilling journey through the world of financial deceit once again.

Hansal Mehta, the mastermind behind ‘Scam 2003,’ is gearing up to unveil the second season of this gripping series, which delves into the notorious Rs 30,000 crore Telgi scam. Interestingly, the release of this season will come in two volumes, owing to some remaining work on five episodes. 

Scam 1992 and Scam 2003: Filmmaker Hansal Mehta, Pratik Gandhi, Gagan Dev  Riar Come Together To Celebrate Success Of Franchise

What sets ‘Scam 2003’ apart are the unique casting choices, exemplified by Gagan Dev Riar stepping into the shoes of Abdul Telgi. Mehta’s casting decisions are guided by his unwavering commitment to honesty and his relentless pursuit of the perfect fit for each character in the story. 

While he openly acknowledges the inevitable comparisons to the series’ first season, ‘Scam 1992,’ Mehta emphasizes that ‘Scam 2003’ unfolds a distinct narrative, with an entirely new ensemble cast, promising an entirely fresh and compelling viewing experience.


Source: Money Control

Hansal Mehta, the visionary director behind the ‘Scam’ franchise, is back in action with the highly anticipated second season following the resounding success of ‘Scam 1992.’ This time, ‘Scam 2003’ delves into the notorious Telgi scam, a staggering financial fraud worth Rs 30,000 crore that sent shockwaves through the nation’s financial landscape. 

Gagan Dev Riar takes on the pivotal role of Abdul Telgi in the series, and fans can look forward to the release of Volume 2 this November. Hansal Mehta sheds light on the decision to split the season into two volumes, the intriguing casting choice of Gagan as Telgi, and addresses the natural comparisons that arise with the previous season, offering valuable insights into the creative process behind this eagerly awaited installment.



Gagan Riar talks about his role in Scam 2003 

Riar shared his perspective, emphasizing the importance of viewing Telgi as a human being rather than merely categorizing him as a “criminal or scamster.” He explained, “He was much more emotionally charged than how people perceive him because our story also talks about the other side and is not exactly about the scam. 

It also delves into his origins, his family, his emotional depth, his mentor, the criminal aspect that is widely known, and the individuals who were intricately involved in his life.” Riar’s insights hint at a multifaceted portrayal of Telgi, shedding light on the complexities and layers of this intriguing character. 


Source: The Economic Times

Hansal Mehta on Gagan Dev Riar 

Hansal Mehta’s discovery of Gagan Dev Riar began with a casual encounter in ‘Sonchiriya,’ though it was an initial oversight that he readily admits. It was only later that Gagan found his place in the spotlight, securing a role in ‘Scam 1992,’ albeit not the role he ultimately portrayed. 

Originally intended for the character of Sitaram, which later went to Jemini, Gagan was, at the time, engrossed in his commitment to ‘A Suitable Boy,’ a production graced by esteemed talents like Tabu and Ishaan Khattar. Despite this star-studded setting, Hansal Mehta found his attention irresistibly drawn to Gagan’s presence. 

Amidst the development of the character Telgi, Mehta couldn’t help but remark to Mukesh Chhabra that they had uncovered their Telgi in Gagan. An audition ensued, initially leaving Mukesh dissatisfied, but a subsequent one sealed Gagan’s fate. He emerged as a rare and promising discovery, capturing the attention and admiration of those who recognized his talent.

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