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Fashion Designer Prasad Biddapa’s Son, Adam Biddapa Arrested


Bangalore: On October 27 Adam Biddapa, the son of renowned fashion designer Prasad Biddapa, found himself in hot water as he was arrested by the Yelahanka Suburban Police. His arrest came after an incident involving reckless drunk driving and disruptive behavior on the streets of Yelahanka. This tumultuous event took place on the night of August 26, when Adam, under the influence of alcohol, engaged in a harrowing episode on the roads, leading to his subsequent arrest.

Adam Bidapa, son of fashion designer Prasad Bidapa arrested by Bengaluru  Police for allegedly sending obscene messages to actress

Full Story: 

The night of August 26 witnessed chaos on the streets of Yalahanka, as Adam Biddapa, inebriated and behind the wheel of his vehicle, created a hazardous situation for both himself and the public. Law enforcement officers from both the law and order and traffic departments were called to the scene to control the unruly situation that had ensued.

Eyewitnesses reported that Adam was not only driving erratically but also displaying a lack of regard for the safety of others on the road. One concerned citizen, named Rahul, sounded his horn and urged Adam to vacate the road for the safety of everyone. However, Adam’s response was far from rational; he resorted to blocking the road and causing further disruption. In response to this troubling situation, Rahul promptly dialed the police emergency number 112.

Even when the police arrived on the scene, Adam did not relent. He engaged in a verbal altercation with the officers dispatched to deal with the situation. The Yalahanka traffic police, after conducting a thorough check, confirmed that Adam was operating his vehicle under the influence of alcohol. In light of this revelation, the Yalahanka traffic police promptly impounded his car.

Video: Famous Fashion Designer Prasad Bidapa's Son Arrested For Drunk  Driving In Bengaluru, Spits On Cop For Being A 'Muslim'

Source: Free Press Journal


Subsequently, the Yalahanka Newtown police arrested Adam, and he was subsequently released on police station bail. The initial cause of his arrest was linked to a complaint filed by Rahul, who was a witness to the disruptive incident. In response to this complaint, the Yalahanka Newtown police registered a case of misbehavior.

Furthermore, a case related to negligent driving under the influence of alcohol was also registered at the traffic police station. To ascertain the extent of Adam’s inebriation, a medical examination was conducted as part of the legal process.

It is worth noting that this is not the first time Adam Biddapa has found himself entangled with the law. In the previous year, he made headlines for sending explicit and offensive messages to a Kannada film actress. The actress promptly registered a case against Adam, leading to his arrest at that time. Subsequently, he was released on bail following the legal proceedings.

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