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Fact Check: Did Starbucks’ Face Financial Strain Amidst The Israel-Palestine Conflict

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In recent news, claims have emerged regarding the substantial financial setbacks faced by Seattle-based Starbucks Corporation amid global political tensions and a reported boycott. The alleged loss of approximately $11 billion, coupled with a decline in stock value, has sparked concerns. Let’s delve into the situation, examine the claims, and fact-check the details to provide clarity on Starbucks’ current predicament.

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Starbucks Faces Financial Strain as Global Boycotts Intensify Amid  Palestine Conflict

Source: Halal Marketplace

Starbucks Corporation is reportedly grappling with a significant financial downturn, losing approximately $11 billion in market value, equating to a 9.4% decrease. The decline occurred over 19 calendar days since the November 16 Red Cup Day promotion. Analysts attribute this slump to reports of slowing sales and a muted response to holiday offerings. Furthermore, the Seattle-based chain faces a prolonged boycott rooted in geopolitical tensions. The boycott gained traction after a tweet from Starbucks Workers United expressed solidarity with Palestinians, linking it to ongoing Israeli-Gaza conflicts. The situation has led to a 12-session decline in Starbucks stocks, the longest streak since the company went public in 1992. The current stock value stands at around $95.80 per share, down from the yearly high of $115. Despite denying wrongdoing, Starbucks is challenged with maintaining its brand reputation amidst global divisions.

Starbucks loses USD11 billion due to poor sales, boycotts -

Source: The Economic Times


Recent reports suggest that Starbucks in Egypt laid off workers in late November due to financial strain caused by the global boycott against brands supporting Israel. Starbucks CEO Laxman Narasimhan, in a call with analysts, remains optimistic about the company’s diversified channels and customer engagement despite macroeconomic challenges.

Israel: Why the brand boycotts probably won't make much difference

Source: Bizcommunity

Fact Check:

Upon investigation, it is confirmed that Starbucks in Egypt did reportedly lay off workers in late November, attributing the decision to financial implications from the boycott. However, the claim that this action was a result of the boycott against brands supporting Israel is accurate. Starbucks CEO Laxman Narasimhan’s statement regarding the company’s resilience amidst challenges aligns with the official response.

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