Evacuation of Indian Nationals from Ukraine

As Ukraine announced the Russian “full-scale invasion” of its territory, 16000 to 25000 Indian nationals are stranded in Ukraine, around 10,000 of them are Indian Students pursuing MBBS in major cities of Ukraine in the regions of Kyiv and Kharkiv.
From finding shelter in metro stations and bunkers to pleading for help on social media addressed to our Prime Minister, Indian embassy as well as some Chief Ministers to act upon rescue operations from the war stride area.


Indian students are posting videos capturing their state of despair while bombs could be heard in the background, amidst all this today the rescue operations from the Indian Embassy have begun to evacuate Indian nationals from Ukraine.

The Ministry of External Affairs issued an advisory on Thursday stating that “alternative arrangements are being made for the evacuation of Indian nationals.” They also said that the embassy is aiming to relocate nationals to the western part of the country in light of Ukrainian airspace being closed.

The first batch of 470 evacuees from Chernivtsi, Ukraine reached Romania crossing the Suceava Border in a bus, from Suceava, Indian nationals are to be taken to Bucharest and from where the trip to India begins safely, As per the official information.
Many officers and ministers are communicating with Indian nationals through the embassy as well as social media, sharing further information on evacuation and helpline details.

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