“Enough Now, Please”: Sadhguru Silences BBC Tamil Interview

Self-style godman Jaggi Vasudev aka Sadhguru, faced a tense interview with BBC Tamil, days after he had an amicable interview with ANI. Sadhguru’s interview with BBC Tamil allegedly ended with turning off BBC’s cameras.

Vasudev got visibly annoyed when he was asked questions about why he had not gotten environmental clearance from the government. Vasudev replied, “The government has said there is no illegal occupation, everything is perfect,” he said, “Isn’t there a law in this land? Isn’t there a government? Let them do their job. Why are you, the media, doing this when the government is following the law?”

BBC’s questions come after Sadhguru’s foundation, Isha Foundation, was built after it allegedly flouted several environmental norms and laws.

However, the interviewer was not satisfied with his response and probed him further. Vasudev unsuccessfully tried to silence him when he was asked, “When you’re so concerned about the environment, why don’t you take proper permission before you start these buildings?”

Vasudev seemed to have gotten more agitated when he said, “Isn’t there a government? Isn’t there a law? Let them do their job. Leave it. Enough now, please.”

The interviewer did not back down, when Vasudev spoke in English, “Again your nonsense you’re saying…Turn off his camera. Enough. Listen, man, listen to me. Every law that is there in the country has been followed. If there is any discrepancy we fixed it, a long time ago, 20 years ago, some small discrepancy.”

The BBC interview was cut short and the television displayed a message stating that the three people with Jaggi Vasudev forcibly stopped BBC’s three cameras.


The interview reminds NewsHamster of something similar that happened in the movie, Nayak: The Real Hero

Image Source Indian Meme Template
Image Source: Indian Meme Template

References: News Laundry.

Featured image source: The Economic Times

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