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Elvish Yadav Exposed In Snake Venom Racket scandal


Controversial YouTuber Siddharth ‘Elvish’ Yadav finds himself embroiled in a snake venom scandal as one of his associates was allegedly caught red-handed supplying snake venom for rave parties. The expose unfolded after People for Animals (PFA), an animal welfare organization founded by Sultanpur MP Maneka Gandhi, orchestrated a trap involving a decoy to unveil the alleged racket. The incident led to the arrest of Elvish’s associate, Rahul Yadav, and four snake charmers, with legal actions taken against them.

Elvish Yadav controversy puts spotlight on abuse of 'snake venom' in India  for recreation

Source: Op India

The snake venom scandal has cast a shadow on Elvish Yadav, the winner of Bigg Boss OTT and a prominent social media influencer. An “accomplice” of Elvish, identified as Rahul Yadav, has been apprehended on charges of supplying snake venom for rave parties. The revelation occurred as People for Animals (PFA), an animal welfare organization founded by Sultanpur MP Maneka Gandhi, set up a trap using a decoy, Gaurav Gupta, who also filed the complaint in the case. The operation took place at the Chevron Banquet Hall in Noida’s Sector 51 and resulted in the arrest of Rahul Yadav and four snake charmers. The allegations have prompted legal actions against Elvish and five others under sections of the Wildlife (Protection) Act, 1972, and section 120B (criminal conspiracy) of the Indian Penal Code.

Elvish Yadav, in response to the allegations, released a video dismissing them as “baseless” and lacking any semblance of truth. He pledged his cooperation in the investigation, vowing to assume responsibility if even a mere “1 percent of truth” were found in the accusations. Despite his assertive stance, the situation remains complicated, with legal ramifications on the horizon.

Elvish Yadav Clarifies Accusations of Hosting Raves and Snake Venom |

Source: Influencer News

The Deputy Commissioner of Police of Noida’s Anti-Narcotic Cell, Ram Badan Singh, provided insights into the case. He revealed that Gaurav Gupta had contacted Elvish to arrange snakes for a rave party and was subsequently referred to Rahul Yadav by the YouTuber. The plan involved providing snakes and snake venom for the event, and Rahul Yadav committed to facilitating the arrangement. A joint team of forest officials and the police was deployed to the venue, and the arrest took place on November 2. During the operation, nine snakes and 20 ml of snake venom were seized.

The FIR filed in connection with the case sheds light on the informer’s role in exposing the alleged racket. The informer, who had knowledge of Elvish and his friends supplying snakes and snake venom for parties in the National Capital Region, initiated contact with Elvish to organize a party in Noida and make the necessary arrangements. Elvish, in turn, referred the informer to his agent, Rahul Yadav, who agreed to oversee the snake and venom arrangement. The informer confirmed that Rahul and the others had arrived at the venue on November 2, following which law enforcement agencies swiftly took action, leading to their apprehension.

YouTuber Elvish Yadav denies supplying snake venom at rave party

Source: Awaz The Voice

While Elvish’s alleged involvement in a snake venom racket marks a significant development, it is not the first time he has garnered attention for controversial statements and actions. In the past, he faced criticism from several quarters for making “misogynistic” comments, with figures like Bollywood actor Swara Bhaskar and comedian Kusha Kapila accusing him of engaging in such behavior. This latest incident adds to the controversy surrounding the social media influencer, potentially impacting his reputation and legal standing.

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