‘Egg Water To Make Dosa’: Man Mocked For Peculiar Complaint About Kochi Airport Restaurant 

A Twitter user recently became the target of online mockery after unwittingly complaining that the Kochi airport’s food court was preparing dosas with “egg water.”Manish Jain, the man, made a fuss on Twitter over “hurt vegetarian sentiments” and demanded action against the restaurant. He even misspelt Kochi as “Chochi Airport.”

“If you are in Chochi (Kochi) kindly be aware of Airport Lounge named as Earth Lounge,” he said. “They simply plays with religious belief, where they use egg water to bake South India Food such as dosa. When asked they told its as per standard. When asked for manual they denied to share.”

In his complaint, Jain tagged Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan and Kochi Airport.

In reaction to the man’s tweet, writer Vinay Arvind commented, “My brother, what in God’s good name is egg water??”

Others educated Jain that sprinkling cold water on a dosa pan is a common cooking procedure.

“Manish, thanda pani isn’t the same as anda pani,” Rohini Singh explained. “Water is sprinkled on the dosa pan to cool the surface down so that the batter has time to settle and the dosa cooks properly. Why would anyone give you a free egg for the price of a vegetarian dosa? Makes no sense!”

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