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Dinesh Baba Opens Up His Dream Shelter For Senior Animals|Ranjit Old Age Animal Shelter

Help Old and Abandoned Animals1261539919

Dinesh Baba opened his dream shelter named “ROA Shelter by Dinesh Baba” on 10th July 2022 in Koovathur, Tamil Nadu. ROA (Ranjit Old Age Animal Shelter) was inaugurated on the 10th after all the immense efforts by Dinesh and his supporters who contributed to the making of this dream shelter. Ranjit was the son of his staunchest supporter, who had done so much to help animals since he was a child. He used to collect Hundis and help animals in need. 


Unfortunately, he died at the age of 12, so the shelter was named after him in honour of the contributions he made to a worthy cause at such a young age.

It is an old age rehabilitation centre to help old-aged dogs to be in a safer place with all the care and facilities. The property is 30,000 square feet and has 35 kennels each measuring 10 feet. There are German Shepard, Labradors, Pomeranian, Mudhol and Indies. And there are six staff members to take care of the shelter as well as the babies . ABC ( Animal Birth Control) also will be conducted later in the rural areas. 


They are mostly in rural areas that will gradually develop in the future. Currently, they are focusing on raising awareness about human-animal conflicts, providing solutions and free animal checkups. They have a surgery theatre and OP where they will perform ABC. A speciality of this shelter is that they run a daily schedule for all the dogs.


Starting in the morning they provide a 30/40 minutes slot for every dog for walk and grooming. By 3 or 4 p.m., lunch is served, and by evening, they are free to walk and play for 30 minutes. They also have a play area for the dogs.

Rehabilitation therapy, physiotherapy, and medications are also provided for each dog. While the dog is out for a walk they clean their kennel.

 Dinesh’s shelter is doing everything possible to ensure that their babies are happy, content, and healthy. The area does not feel like a cage to them; Dinesh Baba designed it so that they feel free and comfortable in their surroundings. He has also planted a lot of plants around the house to make it feel more homely.



 Help Old and Abandoned Animals1261539919


They also allow others to virtually adopt a dog for a month or more. It’s more of a home for elderly animals.


Featured Image Source: DonateKart

By: Sankirtha Mol

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