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Daredevil Musthafa: Some Lesser Known Facts About This Kannada Movie

Image Source FilmiBeat Kannada
Image Source: FilmiBeat Kannada

Daredevil Musthafa is taking the theatres by storm, and the people love this movie! However, do you know some cool facts about this movie? Scroll to find out more!

  • Based on Poornachandra Tejaswi’s Short Story:

The 1973 short story of the same name by poet K P Poornachandra Tejaswi was adapted as “Daredevil Musthafa.” Ramanuja Iyengari (Aditya) and Jamal Abdul Musthafa (Shashidhar), two college students, are the story’s focus, which is set in the charming village of Abachuru.

daredevil musthafa

Poornachandra Tejasvi
Image Source: Wikipedia Kannada

  • Fans Came Forward To Make The Movie:

The story was such a hit that, according to a source, more than 100 fans of the writer came forward to produce the movie.

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  • A Crowdfunded Movie:

Building on the last point, the movie finally became crowdfunded because Daredevil Musthafa required a larger budget because its canvas was expanding. Director Shashank Sohgal took to Facebook to tell his problem.

daredevil musthafa

Shashank Sohgal
Image Source: Times of India

He said, “We shot this film in a 60-day schedule, and we required a minimum of 50 people on set every day. There was risk involved, and as a last resort, I took to Facebook and pitched the idea. Fortunately, we received support from 100 fans of Tejaswi who generously funded the film. This made Daredevil Musthafa the first-ever crowdfunded film, which was specifically backed by an author’s fans.”

  • Converted A 150-Year Old School:

The director wanted to give a realistic approach to the movie. The team took inspiration from Malgudi Days and began searching for the perfect set. While they could not find the perfect set in the Malnad region, they found a 150-year-old school in Mysuru which was converted into a college. 90% of the movie was shot in the school.

daredevil musthafa

Image Source: Cinema Express

  • A Huge Star Cast:

Shashank explains that a huge star cast was required to bring the movie to life. “There are 18 actors in prominent roles, and at least 100 junior artists. We wanted students aged 16 to 18 as the story revolves around 1st PUC and II PUC, and we primarily cast theatre artists from Mysuru and Bengaluru,” explains the director, adding, “The college staff and principal were portrayed by familiar faces like Mandya Ramesh, Nagabhushana, and Poornachandra.”

daredevil musthafa

Image Source: Cinema Express

  • Provided A Conclusion TO The Movie:

In the original story, author Tejaswi left the story with an open ending, leading the readers to ponder the author’s intentions. However, in the movie, Shashank provides a conclusion by introducing additional characters.

daredevil musthafa

Image Source: IMDb

  • A Deeper Meaning:

According to the filmmaker, the central concept of Daredevil Musthafa could seem straightforward yet elegantly demonstrates the lack of religious barriers among young people. He says, “The narrative not only promises thrilling adventures but also explores the important theme of unity beyond religious differences.”

daredevil musthafa

Image Source: Film Companion

  • A Unique Genre; Retrogram:

The film’s creators used an intriguing technique called a “Retrogram” to introduce each character while the song “Jayamala Damayanthi Yarappa” played in the background.

daredevil musthafa

An Example Of Retrogram
Image Source:

All characters are introduced using their retro Instagram handles in a retro version of Instagram. The creators have done a great job of detailing and have told many stories about this concept.

  • Gone Overseas:

Daredevil Musthafa’s producers told reporters that, encouraged by the reception, the movie will soon be released in numerous places throughout the United States and Europe. In addition, the movie will be released in other Indian cities, with the upcoming schedule including Mumbai, Pune, and New Delhi.

daredevil musthafa

Image Source: The Hindu

  • Turned Down By 100 Producers:

Shashank Soghal claimed in the interview that the cast and the producers were not confident in him because he was a rookie, and they were both young people making their debuts. About 100 Kannada producers, he claimed, had rejected him for Daredevil Musthafa.

daredevil musthafa

Image Source: PiPa News

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