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Counterfeit Mysore Sandal Soap Racket Busted: Two Arrested

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The Malakpet police apprehended two individuals, Rakesh Jain and Mahaveer Jain, on Saturday, January 13, for their alleged involvement in the production and sale of counterfeit versions of the Karnataka government owned Karnataka Soap & Detergents Ltd (KSDL)’s Mysore sandal soap.

Full Story:

The Malakpet police successfully seized a substantial quantity of fake Mysore sandal soap and related materials during the operation. Among the recovered items were 20 cartons containing 1,800 pieces of 150g soap packs, 47 cartons containing 9,400 pieces of 75g soap, and 400 empty packaging boxes intended for 150g and 75g soaps. The confiscation of these materials not only represents a significant blow to the illicit operation but also ensures the prevention of further circulation of counterfeit products in the market.

The investigation into this counterfeit soap racket was initiated in response to an anonymous tip received by Minister M. B. Patil, who serves as the President of KSDL. Acting swiftly upon the information about the proliferation of fake Mysore sandal soaps in Hyderabad, Minister Patil instructed Dr Prashant, the Managing Director of KSDL, to delve into the matter.

Fake Mysore Soap : హైద‌రాబాద్‌లో న‌కిలీ మైసూర్ శాండిల్ స‌బ్బులు త‌యారీ.

Source: Eha TV

Upon confirming the presence of counterfeit products in the market, the KSDL team, in collaboration with law enforcement, launched a strategic operation to trace the source of these fake soaps. This involved a tactical purchase of a batch of the counterfeit product valued at one lakh rupees, ultimately leading to the discovery of the clandestine manufacturing unit.

The accused individuals, Rakesh Jain and Mahaveer Jain, now face legal consequences for their involvement in this fraudulent activity. A formal complaint has been lodged against them at the Malakpet police station in Hyderabad. The police are committed to pursuing a thorough investigation to uncover the extent of the illicit operation and to ensure that all individuals associated with the production and distribution of the counterfeit soaps are held accountable under the law.

Fake Mysore Sandal Soap Manufacturing Network Unearthed in Hyderabad

Source: The Hans India

Counterfeit products not only pose a financial risk to consumers who unknowingly purchase them but also have far-reaching consequences for the reputation of the genuine brand. In this case, the illegal replication of Mysore sandal soap, a well-known and government-owned product, jeopardized the trust consumers place in the brand. 

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